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Beija-Flor 2020 – Samba ao vivo – Clipe Apoteose – #sambas2020

Apresentação da bateria da Beija-Flor em 09/01/2019

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Mangueira carnaval 2020 Bateria 4.0 desenhando no esquenta da final da escolha do samba

Esquenta da Bateria da Mangueira, regida por Mestre Wesley na final da escolha do samba da Mangueira para o carnaval 2020 na quadra verde e rosa, o Palácio do Samba, no Rio de Janeiro. Sábado, 12 de outubro de 2019.

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São Paulo’s Garment District

Bom Retiro is São Paulo’s Garment District. I explored it once, about ten years ago, on a much busier shopping day. At that time there were many migrants from Central America working here, and using the second stories of the shops … Continue reading

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Brazil’s former president Lula, speaks out about Police, Moro, Operation car wash and calls Bolsonaro a liar – Collecting experiencies

Minutes after being released from jail, on Friday, November 8th, the former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva did a persuasive speech against the Operation Car Wash and Judiciary Committee. Lula was released under Federal Judge Danilo Pereira Junior’s determination. … Continue reading

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Milton Nascimento / Maria Maria / Far Out Recordings — Ban Ban Ton Ton

Until I started writing this review I never knew that the first traders in African slaves were Portuguese. The bandeirantes, in the 16th Century. That Brazil received more slaves than any other country. Nearly 5 million between 1501 and 1866, … Continue reading

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Duas equipes de percussionistas da Escola de samba Mangueira disputam e se divertem

No ultimo ensaio antes do Rock in Rio, a equipe começou a brincadeira. Dois repeniques comandam os ritmistas. Veja o que aconteceu. In the last rehearsal before Rock in Rio, the team began a game. Two repeniqes command the rhythmists. … Continue reading

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Get Lucky – Unidos da Cachorra e Nayra Costa (Daft Punk – official CARNIVAL cover) HD

GRBCUnidosdaCachorra Arranjo e Direção: Pantico Rocha. Participações: Gustavo Portela (Contra-Baixo), Bruno Rafael (Guitarra), Igor Ribeiro (Bateria Eletrônica), Igor Caracas (Congas). Áudio: Airton Montezuma. Imagens: Alexandre Vale, Nikolas Leiva, Rosemayre Freire, Mário Holanda. Edição: Igor Fernandes e Polegar Opositor.  

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Brazilian Hip Hop – American Rhythm

The favelas of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil are witnessing a new trend, influenced by American music and culture. Negro X, a hip-hop group from the Vidigal favela, claims to have found the right blend of their culture with global … Continue reading

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Rio de Janeiro Wireless Light Rail

Luke Starkenburg The Light Rail system in Rio de Janeiro is a modern, wireless system using a ground power rail. The Alstom Citadis 402 low-floor trams are attractive, quiet, and low floor. I also included various other train in Rio … Continue reading

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Santa Teresa Tram, Rio de Janeiro [4K 60fps]

This is one of the coolest trams in the world! The tram actually had a much longer route than it did 10 years ago. Today, it begins at Carioca, a 5 minute walk from the Metro station. The Santa Teresa … Continue reading

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