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Milton Nascimento / Maria Maria / Far Out Recordings — Ban Ban Ton Ton

Until I started writing this review I never knew that the first traders in African slaves were Portuguese. The bandeirantes, in the 16th Century. That Brazil received more slaves than any other country. Nearly 5 million between 1501 and 1866, … Continue reading

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Duas equipes de percussionistas da Escola de samba Mangueira disputam e se divertem

No ultimo ensaio antes do Rock in Rio, a equipe começou a brincadeira. Dois repeniques comandam os ritmistas. Veja o que aconteceu. In the last rehearsal before Rock in Rio, the team began a game. Two repeniqes command the rhythmists. … Continue reading

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Get Lucky – Unidos da Cachorra e Nayra Costa (Daft Punk – official CARNIVAL cover) HD

GRBCUnidosdaCachorra Arranjo e Direção: Pantico Rocha. Participações: Gustavo Portela (Contra-Baixo), Bruno Rafael (Guitarra), Igor Ribeiro (Bateria Eletrônica), Igor Caracas (Congas). Áudio: Airton Montezuma. Imagens: Alexandre Vale, Nikolas Leiva, Rosemayre Freire, Mário Holanda. Edição: Igor Fernandes e Polegar Opositor.  

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Brazilian Hip Hop – American Rhythm

The favelas of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil are witnessing a new trend, influenced by American music and culture. Negro X, a hip-hop group from the Vidigal favela, claims to have found the right blend of their culture with global … Continue reading

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Rio de Janeiro Wireless Light Rail

Luke Starkenburg The Light Rail system in Rio de Janeiro is a modern, wireless system using a ground power rail. The Alstom Citadis 402 low-floor trams are attractive, quiet, and low floor. I also included various other train in Rio … Continue reading

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Santa Teresa Tram, Rio de Janeiro [4K 60fps]

This is one of the coolest trams in the world! The tram actually had a much longer route than it did 10 years ago. Today, it begins at Carioca, a 5 minute walk from the Metro station. The Santa Teresa … Continue reading

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This Hare Krishna Monk Turned Police Chief Battles Brutality in Rio | OZY

Orlando Zaccone is trying to foster a left-wing movement within Brazilian law enforcement.   For a socialist, pro-drug-legalization, Hare Krishna police chief in the polarized and hardly ever reasonable Brazil of Jair Bolsonaro, Orlando Zaccone seems strangely at ease. As … Continue reading

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How the Brazilian carnival’s band Olodum became a massive social movement — The Urban Detective

The biggest carnival in the world takes place in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. During a massive street party of six days, dozens of bands on big trucks named carnival bloco’s parade through the streets. Every year, more than two million people … Continue reading

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Site CARNAVALESCO acompanhou o primeiro ensaio de rua da #BEIJAFLOR para o #CARNAVAL2020

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Eat The Weeds: Episode 148: Brazilian Pepper

EatTheWeeds Brazilian Pepper is a controversial spice tree and invasive species with toxic relatives. Should you use it? Make up your own mind. Read about a thousand edible wild plants on: http://www.eattheweeds.com. Green Deane is the most watched forager in … Continue reading

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