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New 360-Degree Immersive Drawing Created With 120 Marker Pens by Oscar Oiwa – Colossal

For his latest immersive installation, Oscar Oiwa (previously) created a 360-degree black and white drawing that fills the space of an inflatable vinyl balloon. The work, Oscar Oiwa in Paradise – Drawing the Ephemeral, took Oiwa and his five assistants two weeks and … Continue reading

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Pao de Queijo

(6 servings) Preparation Time: 10 minutes (Additional 15 minutes for dough to rest) Cook Time: 20 minutes Total Time: 45 minutes Introducing Brazilian cuisine month with the ever favorite pao de queijo. The main ingredients for this recipe are tapioca … Continue reading

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Sending Brazil’s Lula to prison is nonsense — The Transnational

By Jonathan Power April 10, 2018 President Barack Obama said that the then president of Brazil, Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva, was “the most popular president on earth”. Now, while fighting for a new term in office, he has been … Continue reading

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Top 10 African Tribes Taken In The Atlantic Slave Trade

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Under Threat of Military Coup, Brazil’s Supreme Court Sends Lula to Prison | Radio Free

Source: Under Threat of Military Coup, Brazil’s Supreme Court Sends Lula to Prison | Radio Free

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Amazing Giant Sculpture Made by Plastic Bottles 奇妙的循環再用膠樽創作 – Angela Rainbow

Giant Fish Sculpture in Brazil Rio Beach 在巴西里約海灘的巨型魚雕塑 Here are some of the greatest upcycled plastic bottle creations. 想同大家分享幾個偉大的循環再用膠樽創作 A million plastic bottles are sold every minute around the world, but less than half were being recycled, and all the … Continue reading

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Bumba Boi da Maioba 2014_Sotaque de Matraca_Praia Grande S. Luis MA,25/06/2014. 1/2

Bumba Boi da maioba, tradicional Bumba Boi com sotaque da ilha, ou de Matracas, em sua apresentação no Largo da casa do Maranhão na Praia Grande em São Luis do Maranhão em 25/06/2014

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Random Facts You Don’t Know About Brazil… Until You’re In Brazil — Jersioca

I’ve implied before (and will do so again) that in the US we don’t really know much about Brazil except that it exists. Maybe they speak Spanish, and the capital is possibly Buenos Aires. There’s a big statue of Christ … Continue reading

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Ile Aiye. Salvador, Brazil. 2017. 3.

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Instrumentos e levadas básicas – DVD Ritmos e Batucadas (2015)

Este vídeo está no DVD anexo ao livro “Ritmos e Batucadas: as baterias das escolas de samba de Florianópolis” (2015), do autor André Felipe Marcelino.

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