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Stylish Curved Cabin Blends Modernity with Surrounding Nature

Would you spend the night in this cabin? French design studio Lumicene specializes in creating spaces that merge indoor living with nature. Its latest project, LUMIPOD, is a tiny 183-square-foot circular prefab cabin that’s built around the company’s signature, sliding, curved glass windows. … Continue reading

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Beaded Images of Disease Explore the Impact of Colonial Trade

In her series Trading, Saskatchewan-based artist Ruth Cuthand creates a visual metaphor that outlines how early settler/Native relationships influenced First Nation people’s living conditions and wellbeing in Canada. The colorful works are created from beads which were traded by European settlers for furs in … Continue reading

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Five—Likely Unfamiliar—Eats

In this reel, we’re going to tempt your tastebuds with five eats you likely haven’t sampled, including a dish known as a “garbage plate” and a pie packed with pickles.

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An Endlessly Looping Path of Water Rushes Over Gallery Walls and Floors

In Lupanar, an installation by French artist  Nicolas Tourte, water flows on a never-ending path over the floor, walls, and ceiling of an art gallery. Displayed in a darkened room, the slithering 130-foot route shows a continuous video loop, which … Continue reading

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Imaginative Botanical Ceramics Invent New Fruits and Flowers

Ceramic artist Kaori Kurihara’s textured ceramics reference familiar botanicals like durian, cauliflower, and bananas, while maintaining an otherworldly element of surprise. The artist adds organic details like articulated fronds and streaked or dimpled skin by hand, while working in part from … Continue reading

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Radiant Flowers Overlook Lyon, France in New Mural by INTI

For the Peinture Fraiche Festival, Chilean street artist INTI recently painted a large-scale mural on a building in Lyon, France. Titled “SOLEIL” (Blinded by the Light), the piece features a sun-shaped bouquet of flowers framing, obstructing, and fusing with the face of … Continue reading

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The Amazing Sculptures of Ron Mueck

mjsoup Published on 26 Mar 2016 The Amazing Sculptures of Ron Mueck Las esculturas impresionantes de Ron Mueck Category Entertainment Music in this video Learn more Listen ad-free with YouTube Premium Song Bonde Artist Ali Farka Toure, Ry Cooder Album … Continue reading

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Bold Paper Quilled Artworks by JUDiTH + ROLFE Burst With Color and Character

Minnesota-based artistic collective JUDiTH + ROLFE sculpt paper into voluptuous plant and flower motifs blossoming with movement and character. Featuring many botanical species including magnolias, irises and begonias, the duo’s work is a reminder of the diversity of plant structure and form. Each of … Continue reading

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A Literal Translation Lends a Daring Edge to the First Meal of the Day

Although breakfast is commonly consumed in a rush out the door, or slurped hurriedly before one dashes to catch the bus, the early morning meal’s straightforward composition of actions is often not considered.Madrid-based photographer Tessa Dóniga created the series Break/Fast … Continue reading

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How A Hyperrealistic Sculptor Makes Lifelike Replicas Of People

Ruben Orozco Loza is an artist from Guadalajara, Mexico. He is a self-taught sculptor. He creates sculptures of celebrities and everyday people using modeling clay, silicone, resin, and more. His work is featured in many exhibitions throughout Mexico and are … Continue reading

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