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Art and Empathy

Empathy is a term we hear a lot, but what does it mean and how does it work? Looking back through art history, we find many moments when art has allowed us to share in the feelings of others, from … Continue reading

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Laughter is vital | Aeon

Emily Herring is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Ghent in Belgium. She is the co-editor of The Past, Present, and Future of Integrated History and Philosophy of Science (2019). A Catholic nun and a young Hispanic immigrant in Central … Continue reading

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Everybody Loves The Sunshine ft. Bas van Lier // FREE DL

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Conceptual Photographs by Can Dagarslani and Sophie Bogdan Fall at the Intersection of Joy and Absurdity

A Berlin-based creative duo, photographer Can Dagarslani and model Sophie Bogdan consider the curvature and adaptability of the human body in a series of quirky, spirited photographs. Generally shot outdoors with only natural light, each image employs heavily composed elements … Continue reading

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Alfred Fauchet, à droite, à gauche

Alfred veut se désencombrer mais s’éparpille, sa voiture avance mais trop vite. Alfred wants to get rid of things, but gets lost in the process. The car is moving, but too fast. Animated and directed by Mathieu Georis Price and … Continue reading

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Film de deuxième année 2019-2020 / Promo ASA 2021. Real : Charlotte Geysel et Lola Lefèvre Court-métrage de fin de deuxième année réalisé en un mois à l’Atelier Supérieur d’Animation sous la tutelle de Bastien Dubois et de Bastien Vives.

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Top 10 Macka B Medical Mondays

Top 10 Macka B Medical Mondays Please leave a comment on what’s your favourite Medical Monday so far Don’t forget to subscribe for more Macka B Videos Macka B Brand New T-Shirt Range Available at https://www.mackab.com/store Please leave your comments … Continue reading

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Tokri: A Lavish Stop-Motion Short Explores the Tender Relationship Between a Father and Daughter

Taking eight years to complete, a new stop-motion short by Suresh Eriyat and his production company Studio Eeksaurus tells a heartrending story about family, mistakes, and forgiveness. “Tokri” features a young girl’s attempts to remedy breaking a precious heirloom by … Continue reading

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With the help of a polarized light microscope, THE VIBRANCY records the fascinating crystallization processes of various substances. The film is the sequel of THE ARCTIC (vimeo.com/333319621), and the 26th film of the Envisioning Chemistry series (envisioningchemistry.com/). Credits Video: Wenting … Continue reading

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