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The Vibe Of Hong Kong

Visual Storyteller, Photographer, Printmaker and Art Director Zhou HanShun is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From the book/project ‘Frenetic City’. To say life moves fast in a city is an understatement.  People go through life in … Continue reading

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Runner and advocate Faith E. Briggs used to run through the streets of Brooklyn every morning. Now, she’s running 150 miles through three U.S. National Monuments that lay in the thick of the controversy around public lands. Accompanied by running … Continue reading

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Synchronized Starling Flocks Undulate in Mesmerizing Patterns Captured by Photographer Xavi Bou

For starlings, there’s truth to safety in numbers. “In winter, starlings join in flocks of thousands of individuals to try to confuse the hawks that attack them, doing a mesmerizing dance,” said Barcelona-based photographer Xavi Bou, who recently released a video … Continue reading

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The Beekeeper Making Electronic Music With Bees

Everyone’s buzzing about Bioni. He’s a British beekeeper and producer making electronic music incorporating the sounds of bees. You can’t really bring bees into a recording studio, of course. They’d swarm the mic. So Bioni records the insects buzzing in … Continue reading

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Amazing Kids – Autistic Spectrum Condition

Listen to children from different backgrounds share their unique experiences of the autistic spectrum in their own words. We started this project back in 2017 by asking parents of autistic children to interview their kids and share their answers with … Continue reading

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Cut Your Own Vinyl with this DIY Record Engraver and Player Designed by Yuri Suzuki

Making mixtapes and burning CDs might be a forgotten pastime, but the days of simple, homemade vinyl are just arriving thanks to Yuri Suzuki. The London-based designer, who is also a partner at Pentagram, has created the Easy Record Maker, a … Continue reading

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How Ancient Palestinian Soap Is Made

Ahmed Darwish el Fakhouri spends his days surrounded by olive oil soap stacked up high—each precious bar waiting to be wrapped and sold after a drying out period of two to three months. He is the third generation of his … Continue reading

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Life In The Mississippi Delta – Edge of Humanity Magazine

Church Girl Photographer Rebecca Moseman is the  -contributor of this documentary photography.  From ‘The Delta’ project.[…] Diner Lady   Nightclub Owner More: Life In The Mississippi Delta

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Sci-Fi Short Film “AI-POCALYPSE” presented by DUST

The story of a self-conscious Artificial Intelligence going to the 4th dimension to fix humanity’s future. “AI-POCALYPSE” by Lin Sun

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Film Crew in Quarantine

The curious routines of film set people killing time in quarantine Animation in quarantine: Robertas Nevecka Music + sound in quarantine: Simonas Jončys Based on daily film set illustrations – instagram.com/robertas_neve/ Voice fragment is from a public safety video Sniffles … Continue reading

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