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A Dream Within A Dream: Animation by RedCloud Studio – Faith is Torment

Short experimental animation about dreams by Beijing-based RedCloud Studio. The animation focuses on an astronaut’s dreams as he goes through low-temperature hibernation while traveling to a planet outside the solar system, only to wake up years later. Although it has some … Continue reading

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One Minute Art History: A Hand-Drawn Animation in Myriad Historical Art Styles

Filmmaker and educator Cao Shu captures the history of art in an experimental short film that lasts for less than one minute. Throughout the film, the central character goes through the small motions of everyday movements like checking the time and having … Continue reading

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NPR Invisibilia // Alien Hand

Invisibilia, NPR’s radio program and podcast that fuses storytelling with science, came to us with their very first animation assignment. The story of a woman who’s hand has a mind of its own.

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A Portrait of the Puppet Master as a Young Man – Great Big Story

Puppets—they’re child’s play, right? Spend five minutes watching Barnaby Dixon and you’ll surely disagree. At first, it might seem strange for a 26-year-old to be hand-building puppets in his bedroom and shooting videos of his performances for a living, but … Continue reading

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Quirky New Stop Motion Animation Short Films by PES – Colossal

Oscar-nominated stop motion animator PES (previously) has a few new short films out, including Gone Fishin’, Lens Smash, and Still Life. Gone Fishin’ engages PES’ ingenious use of found materials, like lace standing in for the ocean floor and antique skeleton keys … Continue reading

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Digital illustrations done on an iPad and a Wacom tablet by Warsaw-based artist Michal Sawtyruk. The illustrations gives us an inside look of his home, or maybe a friend’s home, and drawn in a manner that resembles a painting rather than … Continue reading

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Journey Birds

Personal stories fuse together as man and bird in a cinematic commentary on immigration.

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Adam Savage Learns About Aardman Animations’ Stop-Motion Puppets Used In Their Film ‘Early Man’

Adam Savage  of Tested visited Tested visited Aardman Animations‘ workshop in Bristol, UK and got a good look at the gorgeous stop-motion animation puppets and sculpting material used in their upcoming film, Early Man.  Savage chatted with senior model maker Jimmy Young about their ‘model making processes for the puppets’ sculpts, … Continue reading

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still life

any good that has to do something whit your life has a story of you inside of it , maybe a short memory

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Negative Space: A Short Film That Explores a Father-Son Relationship Through the Art of Packing

Presented above is the trailer for the stop-motion film Negative Space, co-directed by Baltimore-based animators Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata. The short film is an adaptation of the eponymous poem by Ron Koertge, which tells the story of a relationship between a father and son … Continue reading

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