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Synchronized Starling Flocks Undulate in Mesmerizing Patterns Captured by Photographer Xavi Bou

For starlings, there’s truth to safety in numbers. “In winter, starlings join in flocks of thousands of individuals to try to confuse the hawks that attack them, doing a mesmerizing dance,” said Barcelona-based photographer Xavi Bou, who recently released a video … Continue reading

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Amazing Kids – Autistic Spectrum Condition

Listen to children from different backgrounds share their unique experiences of the autistic spectrum in their own words. We started this project back in 2017 by asking parents of autistic children to interview their kids and share their answers with … Continue reading

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In a New Stop-Motion Film, Swoon Explores Trauma, Memory, and the Body

Caledonia Curry, aka Swoon, is known for her street art utilizing paper that’s pasted onto building walls, but the Brooklyn-based artist has made a recent pivot that transfers her mythical style to stop-motion animations. Part of her solo exhibition Cicada, Curry’s … Continue reading

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There’s Something in the Water

“There’s two kinds of lakes in the South: them that’s got Giant Salvinia and them that’s about to have Giant Salvinia.” Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in Texas, but its delicate eco-system is threatened by a seemingly unstoppable … Continue reading

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Emoji Among Us: The Documentary

Emoji have become an inescapable part of our daily lives. This short film examines the far-reaching impact of these very special characters. Can you find the 68 emoji species shown in this video? Made entirely with footage from Dissolve. See … Continue reading

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Nominated for Best Short Film at the British Animation Awards 2020 Winner of Best British Film at London International Animation Festival 2019 Winner of Best Documentary at ReAnima International Film Festival 2019 Animated fabric brings the story of a lingerie … Continue reading

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Lose Your Corona Virus Cabin Fever With the Drummer — Modular 4

It’s Friday. We’re all working from home and starting to get Covid-19 cabin fever. The stress level is building because we aren’t supposed to leave the house. You can’t touch your face or other people. Everyone is paranoid society is … Continue reading

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Parallel Worlds Probably Exist. Here’s Why

Veritasium   Special thanks to: Prof. Sean Carroll https://www.preposterousuniverse.com His book, a major source for this video is ‘Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds and The Emergence of Spacetime’ I learned quantum mechanics the traditional ‘Copenhagen Interpretation’ way. We can use … Continue reading

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What is deja vu? | BBC Ideas

BBC Ideas Deja vu is pretty weird. We’ve almost all experienced it at some time. But what actually is deja vu? Animated by Flock London. Subscribe to BBC Ideas 👉 https://bbc.in/2F6ipav

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Babamimoun by Speakman Sound ft. Simo Lagnawi

Stream / download here: sms.ffm.to/pe1jqox Official Music Video for latest single from London based brothers Speakman Sound. Directed and created by Eidy Knowles. (vimeo.com/eidy — youtube.com/channel/UCYwM…) Made in Maya & Redshift. Also using Prism Pipeline for file management: prism-pipeline.com/ This … Continue reading

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