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Observing Chinese Starbucks patrons reveals what their ancestors farmed, study finds – ScienceBlog.com

Anew study analysing behaviour patterns of people across China suggests that the traditional interdependent rice-farming culture of southern China has resulted in today’s residents—even city dwellers far removed from farming—being more interdependent and less controlling over their environment compared to … Continue reading

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Big Capital: Who Is London For? – talk by Anna Minton

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“Favela” Girl

Five years have passed but I still remember this moment as if it was yesterday. It was a warm fall afternoon in Canada. The wind was blowing hard, making the dead leaves fall faster or the green grass and getting … Continue reading

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Petros’s Habaria :: European Solidarity to Greece revisited

A translation from my friend Petros of a piece from Dimitris A.F. Kazis, Senior Researcher at the Centre of Planning and Economic Research, Athens. European Solidarity to Greece revisited We Greeks are indeed primarily responsible for what is happening to … Continue reading

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