Dark matter might cause fundamental constants to change over time

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dark matter_1The fundamental constants of nature—such as the speed of light, Planck’s constant, and Newton’s gravitational constant—are thought to be constant in time, as their name suggests. But scientists have questioned this assumption as far back as 1937, when Paul Dirac hypothesized that Newton’s gravitational constant might decrease over time.

Now in a new paper published in Physical Review Letters, Yevgeny V. Stadnik and Victor V. Flambaum at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, have theoretically shown that dark matter can cause the fundamental constants of nature to slowly evolve as well as oscillate due to oscillations in the dark matter field. This idea requires that the weakly interacting dark matter particles be able to interact a small amount with standard model particles, which the scientists show is possible.
In their paper, the scientists considered a model in which dark matter is made of weakly interacting, low-mass particles…

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Brazil’s wind energy sector whirring into action

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Brazil achieves new record for electricity generated by wind power, as the country looks to a mix of renewables in order to make its energy mix cleaner and more reliable.

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4270596495_bb4506bf77_b A wind farm at Rio do Fogo in Brazil’s northeastern region of Rio Grande do Norte. The country’s wind energy sector is bigger than ever and is set to continue growing. Photo courtesy of Flickr / the Danish Wind Industry Association.

Brazil’s wind energy sector is reaching new heights as the country aims to diversify its energy mix and become more resilient against the effects of climate change. Brazil has added more than 1.6GW of wind turbines to the national grid since the start of 2015, and on November 2nd it set a new record for electricity…

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Rival movements duel over the future of Brazil

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The story with images of the events mentioned can be viewed at Waging Non Violence both in english and spanish.

In recent weeks, the mainstream media has forwarded a narrative that the political crisis in Brazil is a result of internal corruption and the lack of economic growth over the last year, which is blamed on the Workers’ Party. The corruption charges have been fueled by an investigation — known as Lava Jato, or Car Wash — in which a number of directors of the state-owned oil company Petrobras are accused of taking bribes from construction companies and funneling funds to parties of the ruling coalition. What is rarely mentioned though, is that Brazil is experiencing, once again, a historical divide. Part of the population wants to turn left and another right.

The complex situation is much more ideological than most commentators acknowledge. Some believe President Dilma Rousseff and the Workers’…

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Unsullied by Pomp and Status

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a1_20150321_20150321__DSC2582_6000 x 4000-2

This large, welcoming Mancunian bench commends the history and service levels of the pub that stands behind it.

a1_20150321_20150321__DSC2581_4000 x 6000-2 Originally a Georgian town house, it first opened as a pub and restaurant in 1870.  It was extended and renovated a couple of decades after opening, being completed  in 1901 and is now a Grade II listed building.

Thomas’s is one of the remaining chop houses,  a reminder of a British eating tradition that dates back hundreds of years – to the sixteenth century apparently. Originally, they were men only establishments where businessmen gathered to negotiate over food, wine and ale.

a1_20150321_20150321__DSC2583_6000 x 4000-2

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aDSC_0636_ppCopyright Debbie Smyth, 15 November 2015

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Humanity and homelessness

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Huge congratulations to Manchester City Council as it prepares to open the first of its empty buildings to be used as overnight shelters for the City’s rough sleepers. Manchester is looking to open these within weeks.

image Homelessness. Utilising the former Hulme Library buildings and the old Beech Mount Children’s Home these are the first in a series of buildings that will be used to provide shelter to the rough sleepers and homeless across Manchester, the initiative will look to improve the services available to rough sleepers and alleviate the pressure on established bed spaces.

This initiative is about ensuring overnight accommodation is available over the winter months. Manchester is looking at another three buildings which have had a variety of uses. Manchester Council have worked alongside their partners, such as faith groups to create an additional 165 bed spaces for the winter period..

Working alongside homeless organisations rough sleepers and…

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Pomona: The Sleeping Beauty

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Pomona is sleeping. But she won’t be sleeping for long now because her prince charming Giant Peel is coming to wake her up.

I’m talking about the same Pomona which has gained the public attention after the Giant Peel property and Rowlinson developers took over the place to construct two buildings with 160 apartments. People who know the beauty of this natural site has come up with objections. Unfortunately or fortunately, the petitions and opposition has gone vain and the plan is approved.

Wondering why I’m jotting down a public issue in a blog which talks about art?Art has a lot to do in Pomona and yeah, art has done a lot in Pomona. Art is a form of expressing views and the artists around Pomona have not failed to express their views. While having a field trip to the site, I got to see a variety of graffitis there and all…

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“Glowing Orbs”.

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395A8556-optimizedOn July 19, 2014, a team of light painters from East Coast Light Painting created a long-exposure photograph of 200 glowing orbs in a field in Virginia. To create the orbs, the group collaboratively developed a spinning light tool. During the 1,651-second exposure, the team fanned out to create each of the 7-foot-diameter orbs.

200orbsBThe light painters were inspired by a 2011 photograph in which photographer Andrew Wells created a long-exposure image with 100 orbs. According to the group, their 2014 photograph has earned a Guinness World Record.

via Light-Painting Group Creates a Long-Exposure Photograph of 200 Glowing Orbs in a Field.

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I don’t wear poppies, and this image perfectly encapsulates why

Content warning: this post discusses death and war The Royal British Legion tweeted this image of a fundraising event. Look at it. In the image, four children aged around twelve stand, holding gigantic plastic poppies. Three of the children wear t-shirts saying “Future Soldier”. The poppy was once a symbol to remind us of the senseless […]


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This week we have witnessed a phenomenal act of social movement-making in an era when many, myself included, have wondered if meaningful change in the U.S. still possible. Some of that worry is about aging, I’m sure. As you get older and the people around you get older you are inclined to wonder if the […]


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This image has swamped my Facebook newsfeed today. Many people on my friends list, and others of notable celebrity, have adopted this symbol as a show of support for, and solidarity with, the people of…

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