The Olympics Are Screwing Rio de Janeiro’s Poorest Citizens Out of Housing

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RIO DE JANEIRO — The prospect of hosting the 2016 Olympic Games was presented to the people of Rio de Janeiro as a chance to showcase the city to the world, generate investment, and improve the lives of its residents — but two recent events illustrate how the combination of construction for the games and a worsening housing crisis has prompted accusations that Olympic preparations are riding roughshod over Rio’s most vulnerable inhabitants.

On Tuesday, police evicted squatters from an abandoned apartment building that onetime Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista had leased from the Flamengo soccer club, hoping to convert it into a swanky hotel for the Olympics before the collapse of his oil and mining empire.

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Berlin’s flat-roofed Hufeisensiedlung – a history of cities in 50 buildings

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This horseshoe crescent and its ‘un-German’ roof epitomised modernist values – in opposition to the folkish pitched-roof fantasies loved by the Nazis

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Frolicking in France: Fabricated Happiness

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theme park-P1220549Against a tacky florescent pink backdrop of candy swirls and cartoon stars, clowns with faces caked in white pumped their pantyhose-wrapped legs to stationary bikes; one wiggled his plastic red nose and waved to the children as his lips ripped into a grin.

Muffled carnival music screeched behind the funhouse, all orchestrated to rumpus happening inside; the red-yellow-green-blue light bulbs on the facade blinked in sequence, desperately trying to divert attention away from the sign that screamed “JUMBO” on top of all this madness.

Despite the annoying activity, memory of the carnival remained photographic stills in my head: what I could recall best was the excruciatingly sweet aroma of cotton candy, popcorn and pastries that plagued the damp Parisian summer air and thinking to myself, “It might rain tomorrow”.

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Through the mask

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Behind every mask there is a face, and behind that a story.
– Marty Rubin

I came up with the idea of this project long time ago in 2007, when I had visited Venice Carnival first time, and took the image, that later become the key of collection.

But it took to me  another 5 years to return and make some pictures.
And finally this year I came to Venice Carnival again especially for this project.

It is not about what you hide behind it. It’s all about what the mask allows you to reveal. Those intricate nuances of the personality that aren’t easily expressed in an everyday life, that truly raw inner self that is mostly incognito even from your own self.





If you are in New York, come visit New York Art Expo, and see these and more of my images in the booth #267


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Collecting personal stories of Manchester

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As part of my Unit X work this year I am compiling personal stories, people’s experiences of the city and what it means to them. I want to hear the history of the city as it is told by the people who live here and have something they feel is worth sharing.

This can be anything at all, a few words, an essay, a photo with a caption, a sound clip or anything at all you would like to add.

I would love to hear from anyone who would like to share their stories and it will all be published here on this blog and in print form ( if it goes well I will produce a short print run) for the exhibition we are having in Federation house
( you will receive an invitation to the exhibition of course)
at the end of the project.
Your contribution will of…

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Mapping Europe’s migrant crisis: 2015 on track to be deadliest year on record

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This weekend, a fishing boat carrying hundreds of migrants sank in the Mediterranean. Nobody is quite sure how many people might have died, but the United Nation’s Refugee Agency puts the number at about 700.

“Should these numbers be confirmed, the incident… will be the largest loss of life from any incident on the Mediterranean involving refugees and migrants,” the agency said in a statement issued yesterday.

Already this year, the agency estimates that 1,600 migrants have died while trying to reach European shores. A total of 3,500 died in all of 2014, which was itself a record, putting 2015 on track to be the worst year ever, according to the UN.

Another group has been tracking the death toll, too. The Migrants’ Files was created in 2013 by a group of European journalists who wanted to accurately calculate and report on the situation, which is increasingly being described as…

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Exploring the Amazon :: Part Two

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In Part One, I shared my adventures of arriving in the Amazon, Piranha fishing and late night crocodile spotting.  Today, I am back with part two.

We awoke to the most beautiful sunrise.  All sunrises are beautiful, but there is definitely something even more special about sunrises in nature as there is nothing to block them out and it somehow feels even more serene.  So it was back in the boat to row into the sunrise, which was incredibly spectacular.  The sunset almost looks unreal in these photos, like I’ve photoshopped in a mirror image.  But this is really how the still water looked.DSC05428DSC05420DSC05423DSC05424

Once back on dry land we packed up our bags and headed off for our rainforest walk.  Hearing all the creatures, taking in the damp wet smell and admiring the towering trees.  *Look away now if you don’t like spiders, or scroll down very quickly*

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3rd International Biennial Graffiti Fine Art

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English: It will start this weekend the 3rd International Biennial Graffiti Fine Art, in São Paulo, Brazil. It will be up until May 19 at Ibirapuera Park. This tip is from our Local Friend Shaly!

Português: Vai começar nesse fim de semana a 3a Bienal Internacional de Graffiti Fine Art, em São Paulo. Ela vai ficar até 19 de maio no Ibirapuera. Essa dica é da nossa Local Friend Shaly!

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Working on the ITV Leader’s Debate for the General Election 2015

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When I heard that ITV were doing the leader’s debate, I wanted in straightaway. After plenty of vocal declarations (‘POLITICS IS DEAD GOOD, YEAH’) in the office, I was told they were looking for some volunteers to look after the leaders and their ‘crew’.

Each party was assigned a VIP runner, a leader runner and an entourage runner. I was to look after the Lib Dem entourage (or the Nicky C Massif as I liked to call them) and we all met at 9:30am for their familiarisation session in studio. An efficient bunch, they were in and out in their allocated 20 minutes with Mr. Clegg only asking for one item on his rider – bananas. It wasn’t until I saw them in his dressing room that it clicked – YELLOW! Maybe he only eats yellow foods before big public appearances?! Should I get separating some egg yolks? Does quinoa…

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Springtime in Manchester.

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