Big anti-austerity demonstration, 4 October, Manchester, England

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This video from London, England says about itself:

On the 20th of June 2015 an estimated 250 000 people marched through the streets of London, protesting against austerity. The march started at the Bank of England and ended at Parliament Square / Westminster Abbey / Houses Of Parliament.

Union leaders and celebrities including Russell Brand and Charlotte Church addressed crowds, while protests also took place in Liverpool and Glasgow. The London rally was also addressed by Northern Ireland’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, former Coronation Street actress Julie Hesmondhalgh, and Labour leadership hopeful Jeremy Corbyn.


Anti-Academies alliance
Left Unity
Morning Star
Association of Indian Women
Muslim Council of Britain
Black Activists Rising Against Cuts
National Assembly of Women
British Muslim Initiative
National Pensioners Convention
British Pensioners & Trade Unions A.A.
National Unemployed Workers Centres
Campaign Against Climate Change

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Brazilian pianist Ricardo de Castro Monteiro performs suspended in the air at São Paulo festival.

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Ricardo de Castro Monteiro stunned the crowd at São Paulo’s Virada Cultural event when he played his piano hanging above spectators, and was then joined by dancing acrobat Sandra Miyazawa who danced above him as he…

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The new market for base stations and small cells in Brazil

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Brazilians and foreigners alike can attest to the fact that getting a strong, consistent mobile network signal in the country is not always an easy task, especially when moving away from the large city centers. Even in huge cities, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador it is not uncommon to come across certain regions, or even certain buildings, in which signal quality drops below acceptable usage levels.

The issue of unreliable mobile networks has to do with a multitude of factors. Brazil is indeed a huge country, and covering every region with well functioning mobile networks is a hard task even for the largest carriers. These companies are actually required by the country’s regulatory agencies to apply a part of their investment to the installation of infrastructure in remote, less lucrative areas. This might be partly responsible for the little investment applied to the expansion of network…

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It won’t rain on our parade

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My grandma always used to say “a little rain never hurt anyone”. And she was right. As a matter of fact, in Rio a little rain actually makes the party a whole lot better.

Kara, Bec, Leyla and I had been kicking up our heels in Rio for two non-stop days and nights. We had caught the “Carnival Fever” and the prognosis was dire – the infection was terminal. We would spend the rest of our lives suffering with the Samba steps in our toes and the drum beat in our souls! Samba, the exotic, lively, mesmorising dance was a part of us, always and forever. Now, the night of all nights was upon us, the event we’d been anticipating was here…the official Samba Parade. We adorned our pre-purchased feather headbands. We collected our tickets. We enjoyed a civilised pre-party picnic in the park. We entered the “Sambadrome”. We purchased some refreshments.


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A blue cover weighed down by green water….

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I remember my Aunty Ella without legs. I know she had legs; nothing else could make her so tall, an imposing figure, but my earliest memories, at all, are of Aunty Ella: Aunty Ella without legs.

Technically, she was my Great Aunt but complications such as that are too confusing for a small child. Thus, the name, which she was first never introduced to me as, stuck. She became, way before I could even remember remembering that she was anything other than, my Aunty Ella.

I’m talking about when I was young. When I was really young. When young was a physical state not just a state of mind. Way back in the days before sex began. When it was always summer and rain was exciting. Automatic car washes were an adventure and your only worry was a full plate of Brussel sprouts.

Trips to my grandmother’s house would rarely…

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Brazil: Itatiaia National Park

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Video: Haoma

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Haoma is the Avestan name of a plant and its divinity, both of which play a role in Zoroastrian doctrine and in later Persian culture and mythology.

Directed by Matthieu Deltour, Melissa Lafon, Elodie Legros, and Yann Moalic, this short animated film is a beautiful fantasy of love, loss, and rebirth. The music is composed by Martin Romberg and performed by the National Orchestra of Montpelier, France.


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100 years and more to come 

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Next year samba as we know it today turns 100 years. It is believed that in 1916 the first samba composition was recorded. It was calledPelotelefone and writtenby Brazilian artist Donga.

Definitely, roots of samba go way beyond these 100 years. But in spite of this samba doesn’t look her age at all – it’s continues to grow and attract more and more fans, not just in Brazil.

Musica boa não fica velha – good music doesn’t age. This is true for samba since even old songs are popular and played in rodas de samba and dance parties.

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Travel lesson #16

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Taken at melaka, malaysia

Give some space for shifting.. ~ blueismycolour

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Monkeys, leafy streets and an unlikely name. A tribute to Botafogo.

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At 7 o’clock AM, punctual as the council tax bill or the Gol planes noisily gliding towards Santos Dumont airport, they arrived. A small family of marmosets – gray-ish fur, long tail, inquisitive…

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