Street art and autumn colors — John Roycroft

Dreary rainy morning in the city brightened by street art and autumn colors.

via Street art and autumn colors — John Roycroft

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Street art in Miami



by MTO
“No Art for poor kids”
Mural in Miami

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The Story of Samba’s Praça XI

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Originally posted on Rio Then:
Note: The following is almost entirely translated (by myself) from Wikipedia, partly due to Brazil’s National Library online archives being temporarily unavailable. Intro Praça Onze (Plaza Eleven) is a sub-region of downtown Rio, whose name was…

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Street life in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Meet The World

Every city has its own street life and there s no exception with Rio De Janeiro. You can run into street musician or different performances anywhere without looking. Just look where the people stand still or dancing.

You can see circus under the tunnel with different stands that are selling food and drinks.
Sit down to the stairs and enjoy. If you like it remember to support the group after the 20160730_171637.jpgperformance by putting some money to the hat or box. You can run into a group with
showy dresses and costumes who are singing, dancing and playing instruments. The groups are performing Maracatu, a Brazilian performance genre, which is fun to watch.

Rio also has unique nightlife on the streets. For example in Lapa there is party every single day. However, Friday is the main day and on that night Lapa´s streets are full of people dancing, playing music…

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Maracatu na Praça da Paz em Bauru

Interior Cultural

Sábado tem música e cultura na Praça da Paz. A partir das 20h, o Maracatu Abayomi se apresenta com suas alfaias, caixas, agbês, gonguê e atabaque, toda a história, memória e tradição dos 100 anos de lutas e glórias da Nação do Maracatu Porto Rico do Recife.

A apresentação conta com o apoio da Secretaria Municipal de Cultura, através do PEC – Programa de Estímulo à Cultura e é aberta a toda a população.

Sobre o grupo
O Abayomi é um grupo bauruenses que foi fundado em agosto de 2014 numa oficina de construção de alfaias, instrumento musical utilizado no Maracatu.

A união de pessos com o interesse em conhecer e se envolver com essa rica cultura guiou os primeiros passos do grupo. Atualmente, o Maracatu Abayomi tem como sede a Casa de Capoeira de Bauru, onde acontecem os ensaios.

Quer saber mais? Confira a página oficial do Abayomi no…

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Cup North – Manchester Coffee Festival

That's RADish

So, it’s been about a month since I journeyed over to Manchester for Cup North.

I’m in no way ‘in the know’ when it comes to coffee, despite drinking more than my fair share.

The main reason for going was actually to take inspiration from the brilliantly crafted brands that populated Victoria Warehouse, but it did provide a nice change of pace and the opportunity to gain some insight into what usually goes in my mug.

I was initially apprehensive that it would be quite an insular gathering – an event meant for those in the industry, rather than the run-of-the-mill coffee enthusiast.

Especially with specialist events like this, it can feel like you need to know every aspect there is before you can discuss it with the seasoned baristas or artisanal roasters.

However, it came as a welcome surprise that everyone who I spoke was more than happy to chat…

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8 Sites of Importance in the History of Black Music in Britain

Heritage Calling

Throughout November, Historic England has been supporting the BBC ‘Black and British’ season with a series of new listings that celebrate Black British history.

In this (by no means exhaustive) list we look at some of the most important buildings and places in the history of music by artists of black origin.

Greenwich Palace – Tudor Music

greenwich-palace The Royal Naval College, 1870-1900. © Historic England Archive CC97/01513

Coming to London at the beginning of the 16th Century, the trumpeter John Blanke is one of the earliest recorded black people to have lived in Britain.  He arrived with Catherine of Aragon and records show payments to him from the Treasurer of the Chamber in 1507 (by Henry VII) and then 1509 (by Henry VIII).  Blanke is thought to be portrayed in the 1511 Westminster Tournament Roll.

It is likely that he performed at Greenwich Palace (today the Old Royal Naval College

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Chapecoense plane crash: Thousands of fans hold vigil for team


pThousands of people in Chapeco in Brazil have held a vigil for the victims of a plane crash, who included most of the city’s football team.

Fans of the Chapecoense team walked from the city centre to the stadium where they prayed and sang. A service was also held in the city’s cathedral.

The team were flying to Colombia for the biggest match in their history when their plane went down shortly before landing in Medellin, late on Monday.

Six of the 77 people on board survived.

It is not clear what brought down the chartered aircraft, but some unconfirmed reports have suggested there was an electrical fault, while others say the plane was low on fuel. Both flight recorders have been recovered.

Crew member Ximena Suarez, who survived the flight, said “the lights went out and I don’t remember anything after that”.

‘It’s really tough’

Some 10,000 people –…

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