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As much as I enjoy my meat free days, healthier recipes and exercise, I also love afternoon tea and meals out with friends and family. It’s not something I do all the time (although meals out are becoming a regular feature, I do try and make healthier choices as much as possible) but I do have those times where I want to indulge. This week has been one of those weeks.


First up was a visit to a garden centre in the middle of nowhere with Mr W. A Facebook friend put up a picture of an afternoon tea here (near Clitheroe). It looked so cute, all presented on a mini picnic bench with flowerpot cakes and wellington boot milkshakes. Who couldn’t resist it? The menu changes on a regular basis (an excuse to go more than once) and has a theme. Mr W and I visited when they were…

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The role of a buyer: ‘Temporary Custodians’ by Maurice Carlin


If you have been anywhere near a news website recently, you may have noticed a lot of noise transpiring from the arts and entertainment world, regarding Ivanka Trump; in particular her art collection.

Ivanka is a prolific contemporary art collector, posing in front of her purchases on social media posts, including while promoting her father’s presidential campaign and transition. Due to being concerned about her role in the transition team, and her father’s policies, artists are reaching out to ask her to remove their art off her walls, with Richard Price going so far as to declare his piece as fake.

So what does this news story have to do with Maurice Carlin’s temporary exhibition at HOME Manchester?

carlin blog 1.jpg

It raises questions about the role of the art buyer. Should their behaviours align with the artist’s own values? I don’t think many artists would have intended for their work to…

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Communication Breakdown

The Barber's Apprentice

I used to work, in the UK, for a large American automotive manufacturer. Britain and America: two nations divided by a common language. We rarely had problems understanding each other though. Most of the time, we were all speaking the patois of the automotive industry. Most of the time. But there were odd occasions when conversation would stray into less definite areas: business issues, rather than technical problems. More colloquialisms would sneak in. The idiom changed. But on the whole, we muddled through. The following is a true story, but the name of interlocutor has been changed.


I’m sitting at my desk wondering what to make of the email I’ve just received and my attention drifts to the mobile car crusher operating in the unused corner of the car park.  One vehicle after another is picked up by the mechanical grabber and dropped into the top of the big machine. …

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Favelas – Radio Feature

Daniel Sansom

Brazil is known for its samba music, famous beaches and gifted soccer team, but there is a side to the country that arguably damages its glowing reputation. Brazil’s favelas are feared by many, but what reasons do people have for being afraid of them? Are these communities as bad as they’re made out to be?

Listen to this radio feature focusing on the favelas in Brazil and why there is a stigma attached to them.

With special thanks to Luis Peaze, Beth McLoughlin and Nino Mason.

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Wynford Dewhurst: Manchester’s Monet

aides mémoires

I ended my day in Manchester yesterday with a visit to the exhibition of paintings by Wynford Dewhurst (1864-1941) at the art gallery. Dewhurst insisted that Impressionism was rooted in British landscapes, citing Constable and Turner as influences. Perhaps . . . but the big influence on Dewhurst was Claude Monet, which was obvious from the paintings. They were very pleasing to the eye and captured wonderfully the plein air aspect of Impressionism. My favourite (possibly reflecting my reaction to a murky day) was a very ordinary garden on a sunny day:

img_9519 A corner of the garden, 1905, oil on canvas

Another purely personal pleasure was the painting of Stockgrove Park, a regular Sunday-afternoon-drive destination in my youth – although I can’t recall that I appreciated it then as much as I would now:

img_9520 Evening Shadows, 1899, oil on canvas

There were also some sketches, which I enjoyed studying if…

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Deepening crisis in Brazil | John Gledhill, anthropologist

Yesterday afternoon a light plane carrying four people crashed into the sea off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. One of the bodies recovered was that of Teori Zavascki, the Supreme Court judge responsi…

Source: Deepening crisis in Brazil | John Gledhill, anthropologist

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Street art…

Rethinking Life



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UK Web Series: Reality – Carnival (Episode 3)



The Voicepresents ‘Reality’ a web series created by Nathan Bryon, which explores the thoughts and opinions of black british youth.

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Museum of Tomorrow | Rio de Janeiro

Far Awaits

“Vida é inovação e repetição”

  (Life is innovation and repetition)

Museo do Amanhã is a science museum in Rio de Janeiro, designed by neofuturistic famous architect, Santiago Calatrava. You get through five thematic areas: Cosmos, Earth, Anthropocene, Tomorrow and Now.

%cf%83%cf%84%ce%b9%ce%b3%ce%bc%ce%b9%ce%bf%cf%84%cf%85%cf%80%ce%bf-2017-01-16-3-38-31-%ce%bc%ce%bc A digital globe representing the Earth

img_3960 Desks of interactive information

Light, water, earth, air. Four natural elements, four seasons. The seasons are formed by the combination of the movement of the those elements in time. Any change in any of these, has an impact on the others. Movement is a basic concept of the exhibition space and the subject of a beautiful installation piece, “Flows”, by Daniel Wurtzel.

Two fine pieces of cloth, a white and a light gold one, moving freely upon a circular surface that emits air, accompanied by soft instrumental music. I could stay watching them for hours, dancing that otherwordly and sat the same time earthly dance, so charming in its simplicity…

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British v Brazilian Christmas


I just got back to Brazil after two freezing but glorious weeks in the UK, where I celebrated Christmas with family and friends. This year my Brazilian boyfriend joined us for the first time and it was interesting to see how different the festive period is in our two cultures. He is still recovering from the trauma of Christmas jumpers, brussel sprouts and excessive consumption of Quality Street.


In the UK we definitely like to drag the proceedings out much longer, with the whole of December focused on Christmas. We use advent calendars to count down the days and the whole month is full of Christmas markets, mulled wine and basically any excuse to be gluttonous. Here in São Paulo, aside from some questionable plastic snowmen, gradually appearing in the 35 degree heat, I wouldn´t have known it was Christmas. It´s really just about the day itself. Brazilians celebrate on the 24th December, whereas…

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