The Social Ontology of L.S. Lowry

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Series (source)


Gathering (source)


Aggregate (source)


Audience (source)




Group: (source)


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Las Fallas

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Las Fallas is a festival that takes place in the early spring. The festival coincides with St. Joseph’s Day, or Father’s Day in Europe. Originally, Las Fallas was a type of “spring cleaning” where citizens of Valencia…

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What the Papers Say

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Project Archivist Jane Speller writes:

A new archive project funded by the John Rylands Research Institute aims to unlock the fascinating information contained in the foreign correspondence of The Manchester Guardian (now The Guardian) newspaper of the early 1930s. This key period in world history is told through the thousands of letters of the editor, William Percival Crozier (1879-1944), to and from his principal foreign correspondents, Robert Dell (1865-1940) in Geneva, Frederick Augustus Voigt (1892–1957) in Belin and Alexander Werth (1901-1969) in Paris.

Crozier rose up through the ranks of the paper and was appointed as editor in April 1932, working from the headquarters of the paper on Manchester’s Cross Street.

Guardian office in Cross Street, Manchester. Image reproduced courtesy of the Guardian Media Group Guardian office in Cross Street, Manchester. Image reproduced courtesy of the Guardian Media Group

Foreign news had always been Crozier’s chief interest and in the interwar period he sought to increase foreign news coverage in the newspaper, as…

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Carnaval 2015!

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Since Michael and I moved to Brazil just before Carnaval 2012, this year marked our 4th Carnaval in Brazil. In 2012 we were basically just trying to get acquainted with the city, figure out where and how to buy groceries, etc. In 2013 we took a little getaway trip to the mountains. In 2014 we were in the Bay Area after celebrating Colt’s godparents’ wedding in San Francisco. All have been great activities for us but this year we decided to something a little different, a little more Carnaval-ish.

First of all, I was still in the first-trimester season of not feeling very well and honestly I felt like Colt and I had just gotten back from the US, so I wasn’t really up for a trip. Since we decided to stay put, there is really only one main event in São Paulo so of course we were in for…

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In Denial Over Racism in Brazil

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Vanessa Barbara – The New York Times, 3/23/2015

One Friday night last month, the electricity was off in the streets of Palmeirinha, a favela in Rio de Janeiro. Three black teenagers were joking around in front of their houses. One of them started to run and the others followed, laughing. At that moment, the police came out shooting. Chauan Jambre Cezário, 19 years old, was seriously wounded. Alan de Souza Lima, 15 years old, died on the site with a cellphone in his hands — he had caught everything on video, including his own last agonizing minutes.

According to an official report released the next day, the boys were shot after a confrontation with the police. Officers allegedly found two guns at the scene and charged Mr. Cezário with resisting arrest. The boy, who sells iced tea on Ipanema Beach, was carried to the emergency room and handcuffed to the…

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Not All World Cup – Giovanna Freitas, Brazil

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The World Cup is one of the largest existing sporting events, unifying and connecting people from many countries worldwide through their passion for soccer; this event is very close to the hearts of millions of fans. Soccer is known as the sport of the people, mobilizing and uniting citizens of all classes. It is especially meaningful for the people of Brazil, a country that is known not only for its fanaticism and spirit, but also for producing some of the greatest athletes in soccer’s history, making it a great source of national pride. At a young age, children begin to learn and practise soccer, idolizing many of its star players. However, it is important to recognize the “dark side” of this event. La Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) exerts a lot of control over participating countries due to its high position in the global economy, distorting the…

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Soros and the Kochs team up in Latin American staged protests

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dilma fora

In what could have major ramifications around the world, paid Brazilian protest provocateurs for George Soros have been discovered teaming up with operatives on the payroll of American billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch. After the plan by the CIA and Soros to unseat President Dilma Rousseff, thus drive a knife into the emerging BRICS alliance of Brazil, Russia, China, India, and South Africa, through the aerial assassination last year of presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, Langley has opted for an eastern European-style themed revolution in Brazil. Campos died in a suspicious plane crash that resulted in Rousseff facing off against a Soros operative and Campos’s vice presidential running mate, Green Party leader Marina Silva. Rousseff won re-election in a tight race against Aecio Neves, the right-wing candidate who surged past Silva to face Rousseff in the run-off.

Three major groups have joined forces to demand that Rousseff either resign…

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South American Circus Comes to Town

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On Friday, friends and I did something we can’t remember doing before: we went inside to watch a circus performance!

As animal advocates, we are usually outside educating the public about the exploitation of captive wildlife.

The circus we saw, Fantazia, had no exotic animals…..and only four canine performers. The ‘pups’ seemed perfectly happy and provided with good care.

Above is my best take-away photo of the night: that is the Ring-mistress standing in the center of a steel cage, while her two sons zoom around her on motorcycles in various directions! What a sight :)

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Carnival in Salvador, Brazil: The Biggest Party in South America

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Side note: these next couple posts are all coming about a month late. Between carnival, beach time and returning home to Mendoza it’s been a bit hard to sit down and write, but I’m catching back up.

After 15 hours of traveling, flying from the very south of Argentina to Salvador, Brazil, we arrived at 3am in the morning of the third day of carnaval. I didn’t even sleep on the 45 minute transfer to our IMG_2682hostel, just gazed at the partiers wandering around in costumes and buses literally filled to the brim with people. Mom did well and even with making reservations a mere two months ahead of time, we somehow got booked in a hostel that was located right in the middle of the madness. Only a 10 minute walk from the street of the parade, the hostel Barra Guesthouse may have been lacking on wifi and staff kindness, but they did…

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Development in Manchester

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a1_20150322_20150322__DSC2613_6000 x 4000

Romans, canals, mills, music, football, Vimto – Manchester has a long and fascinating history, and it continues to grow and develop.

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