“They had forgotten that the earth was their mother” – Black Elk

wolakota (pron: woh – lah – koh – dah) means the Lakota people’s sacred way of life. It stands for peace, harmony, good relationship and respect between human beings and all forms of life.

A film by Wanbli Omani and Tim Sessler. Shot on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, at Devils Tower, WY and in NYC.

Featuring the voice of Jim Miller.

To read more about the process: brooklynaerials.com/blog

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The lead scientist on a secret experiment to teleport humans encounters a co-worker on a smoke break. As she grapples with the implications of recent discoveries, it’s clear that a dire mistake has been made.

Premiered online at Short of the Week: shortoftheweek.com/2019/02/18/liminal/

Anna Campbell – Gwen
Max Lesser – Tim
Harper – John Isaac Watters

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This Oak Tree Has Lead Hundreds to Their Soul Mates

Published on 14 Feb 2019

Online dating can be a real drag—but don’t despair, fatigued single! In a forest in northern Germany, you’ll find an intriguing IRL alternative to endless swiping. It all started back in 1890, when a forest ranger shunned his daughter’s romance with a chocolate maker’s son. Determined to keep the passion alive, the sneaky lovebirds starting leaving one another letters in a hundreds-year-old tree just outside the forest ranger’s office. All these years later, Der Bräutigamseiche, or “The Bridegroom’s Oak,” still connects hopeful hearts via snail mail.
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Published on 3 Apr 2017

Lisa Starr wanted to create a sustainable life for herself so she moved to Joshua Tree, California and built an Earthbag dome home that shoe now lives in called Bonita Domes. Get a Free 7 day Trial: http://graphicstock.com/DylanMagaster…
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The Great Migration and the power of a single decision

Sometimes, a single decision can change the course of history. Join journalist and author Isabel Wilkerson as she tells the story of the Great Migration, the outpouring of six million African Americans from the Jim Crow South to cities in the North and West between World War I and the 1970s. This was the first time in American history that the lowest caste people signaled they had options and were willing to take them — and the first time they had a chance to choose for themselves what they would do with their innate talents, Wilkerson explains. “These people, by their actions, were able to do what the powers that be, North and South, could not or would not do,” she says. “They freed themselves.”

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Clever Bushman Building King Mansion Modern Architecture Out Of Mud and Straw, Grass

Building a shelter from local materials in Vietnam.

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How to build with different mud recipes – The Kid Should See This

Dirt, sand, straw, clay, and water. Mixed and packed together in different combinations, these materials can create incredibly sturdy shelters and structures. In this video from The Nito Project, artist builder Benito Steendemonstrates how to build with different mud recipes, including rammed earthcobadobeclaywattle and daub, and other age-old materials.[…]

Source: How to build with different mud recipes – The Kid Should See This

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New Mural Masters Book Offers a Colorful Tour of Contemporary Street Art Around the World

Not everyone is lucky enough to travel the world to witness the evolution of street art. Luckily there are books like Mural Masters: A New Generation published by Gingko Press to close those gaps. Authored by Kiriakos Iosifidis, the new book is over 260 pages long and showcases walls painted by more than 90 new and emerging artists.

With the help of many talented photographers, Mural Masters takes viewers on a non-linear journey across the planet, hitting Arkansas and Zurich and all points in between […]

Source: New Mural Masters Book Offers a Colorful Tour of Contemporary Street Art Around the World

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Man develops pathological generosity after a stroke | It’s Interesting


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Brazil Probe Finds Vale Auditor, Employees Knew Dam Wasn’t Stable

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