342. Upfest 2016 (1) — Natural adventures

What a busty couple of days it has been – a lot of walking and looking at hundreds of new pieces in South Bristol. Many of the works created are temporary and will be removed after the festival, some have been allocated prime sites and will remain for at least a year, others have been […]

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Pendleton Leads The Way With Salford Regeneration

IT was announced in 2013 that Salford City Council would receive £650-million-pound in order to regenerate the area. With the project now in full swing of its 30-year plan, here is an update on how…

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What makes Brazilian mid-century furniture design so Brazilian? Material, maker, and means of production.

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one night in the city

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Gardens and Fences

A Life of Books and Explorations

The garden we have grown is wild, it has a path leading to a pond and many wild flowers peeking where they shouldn’t be, it has arches of jasmine and ivy that serve as gate-ways to other secrets yet to be found, it is idyllic. It couldn’t be more opposite from the garden next door. A lawn, a swing set, a trampoline and some plant pots serve as their garden. The next garden along is different again.

Trying to imagine our world as a different place is hard to do. It is hard to imagine things run in a different way, and it is hard to accept any suggestions without criticism. As I look out of my bedroom window I see gardens after gardens, many kept well, some not so well. The one thing they all have in common is a fence or a wall built up right around the…

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When an architect is the Mayor (Curitiba)

Public Transport Diaries

The Brazilian city of Curitiba is perhaps most famous for the invention of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). This post is partly about the innovation that was BRT, but the bigger story is what happens when an architect becomes the mayor of a city.

Jamie Lerner took office as Mayor of Curitiba in 1971 in his early 30s (not to make any of us feel inadequate). It is perhaps important to mention that Brazil was a dictatorship at the time and, as such, the local governor selected the mayor, rather than the electorate. However, Jamie Lerner wasn’t your regular Brazilian-Dictatorship-Stooge.

Very exciting things happen when an architect thinks about a city as a changing, dynamic space in need of design to shape and guide it. Curitiba in the 1970s was both dynamic and changing. A wave of immigration from Europe was leading to dramatic population growth. In the 1950s, Curitiba’s population…

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indian cities: life and death on the ganga – varanasi

This gallery contains 11 photos.

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This Student’s Entrepreneurial Mindset Landed Him a Job at Disney — Fortune

Animator’s year-long project caught the eye of Disney.

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An Ode to Banana Bread

More Than Just Toast

Before you say anything, I realise that the world reached banana bread saturation point a number of years ago. You could be forgiven for rolling your eyes just a little upon reading the title of this post, and for thinking that I’ve finally run out of inspiration for adding another banana bread recipe to the myriad of banana bread recipes already out there. You could indeed be right, for I have two banana bread recipes on this site alone; but the reason I am adding another one is more or less the same reason I bought another black vest yesterday despite having three or four identical to it at home: I know a good thing when I find it.

So bear with me.

The truth is that this post isn’t really about banana bread at all, it’s about my current obsession with trying to use up what I have in…

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“Aussie wins with Dirt Road Tornado”.

Old Guv Legends

wanaka-fog_93384_990x742Melbourne photographer James Smart has won National Geographic’s 2015 Photo Contest with a shot of a tornado in Colorado, United States.
Mr Smart spent 15 days chasing storms with his brother and some meteorologist friends before taking the winning photo, titled DIRT, on the last day, according to a press release announcing the competition results.
“The tornado was slowly getting bigger as it picked up the dust and soil from the ground on the farmland,” Smart said.”It wasn’t moving very fast, so we kept getting closer as it tracked next to the home as you can see in the image.
“Driving down a Colorado dirt road, we were lucky enough to be on the west of the tornado, so it was front-lit.
“This really helped to get great detail out of the image and the perfect light for the sky and foreground.

Source: Melbourne man wins National Geographic’s 2015 Photo…

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