Baroque Underwater Photography by Christy Lee Rogers


Christy Lee Rogers produces luminous scenes of swirling figures swathed in colorful fabrics. She creates a painterly quality in her large-scale images not by using wet pigments, but rather by completely submerging her subjects in illuminated water and photographing them at night.

The works shown here are part of Rogers’ most recent series, titled ‘Muses’, which were in response to a year of personal loss. She shared in an interview that “these final images represent a soft and peaceful place that I imagine exists, where you can be free to let go and experience the beauty surrounding you.”

Rogers grew up in Hawaii and continues to shoot there[…]

Source: Baroque Underwater Photography by Christy Lee Rogers

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A Friendly Octopus Found Within Ancient River Pebble Mosaics in Greece

Pebble mosaics dating from the 4th century BC have been unearthed in Arta, Greece. During excavations at the Small Theatre of Ancient Amvrakia, the floor of a 12-foot wide bathhouse was revealed. Achaeologists discovered carefully laid mosaics of swans, octopuses, and winged cherubic figures  surrounded by a spiral border. Each design was formed using smooth river pebbles in white, off-white, and dark tones, with amber and red pebbles acting as accents. The dig was conducted by the Ephorate of Antiquities, in the town of Arta, which has been occupied on and off since ancient times.

Source: A Friendly Octopus Found Within Ancient River Pebble Mosaics in Greece

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Art & Design August 14, 2018 at 02:17PM ~ Happy Voodoo Co

Happy Voodoo Co

Art & Design August 14 2018 at 02:11PM #StreetArt #GraffitiArt #UrbanArt #SprayPaintArt #StreetStyle #MuralArt #Graffiti

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Galleries, Cafes and Markets

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Originally posted on Millie Smith:
Possibly the best way to spend an overcast Sunday; wander around an art gallery, relax in a coffee shop and mooch around market stalls. Manchester Art Gallery had a new exhibition on Scandinavian Design so…

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Brazil 101: Things Brazilians are the Best At

Best of Brazil Blog

We are sure the list is longer than this, but here is a good start. Soccer and Samba get a mention, but so do a lot of other things that many non-Brazilians have no idea about.

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Philosopher Alain de Botton explains self-esteem. Animated by Jesse Collett for the School of Life.


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Taking imagination seriously

Janet Echelman found her true voice as an artist when her paints went missing — which forced her to look to an unorthodox new art material. Now she makes billowing, flowing, building-sized sculpture with a surprisingly geeky edge. A transporting 10 minutes of pure creativity.

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Yuval Noah Harari on what the year 2050 has in store for humankind

“As the pace of change increases, the very meaning of being human is likely to mutate and physical and cognitive structures will melt”

Source: Yuval Noah Harari on what the year 2050 has in store for humankind

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The smelly mystery of the human pheromone

Do our smells make us sexy? Popular science suggests yes — pheromones send chemical signals about sex and attraction from our armpits to potential mates. But, despite what you might have heard, there is no conclusive research confirming that humans have these smell molecules. In this eye-opening talk, zoologist Tristram Wyatt explains the fundamental flaws in current pheromone research, and shares his hope for a future that unlocks the fascinating, potentially life-saving knowledge tied up in our scent.

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Sinuously Curved Benches Made with Thin Strips of Steam-Bent Hardwood – Colossal

Brooklyn-based furniture designer and sculptor Matthias Pliessnig creates sumptuous, twisting benches by steam-bending hardwood. He first developed the process in 2006 while studying wooden boat building techniques at the University of Wisconsin-Madison when he realized that by flipping his boat-inspired creations over, he could use the hollow form as a sturdy bench. Once he has designed his works using Rhinoceros 3-D software, Pliessnig places a strips of wood into a tube filled with hot steam. After ten minutes the wood is malleable enough to bend into his desired shape, but only for about 30 seconds.[…]

Source: Sinuously Curved Benches Made with Thin Strips of Steam-Bent Hardwood

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