From-Moscow-With-Love: How This Pretty Russian Model Plans To Change Samba In Rio.


Juliana Titaeva, a pretty Russian model, has told tales of how she plans to samba herself to stardom all the way from Moscow to Rio in Brazil.

She says anyone can do the same, if they put their hearts in it.

The Russian beauty explained she has always dreamed of taking part in Rio’s legendary carnival. Her interest in samba was tickled after watching the carnival on television five years ago.

At the end of this February, the Brazilian city will play host to hundreds and thousands of visitors.

According to the organizers of this long-awaited, crazy and wild dance adventures, a famous band known as Ala de Passistas, a popular group of street dancers, will play prominent roles at the event.

Many dancers – locals and foreigners like Juliana, are reportedly taking lectures at Portela’s school of samba. The dance school has won a record total of 21 samba titles…

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‘Brazil: Carnival in a time of crisis’

mister Soemo

Summary news: They are having to find cheaper ways to celebrate the traditional Carnival (at minute 9:00)

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The Daily Mail and the Power of Words

Sarah Art London

Looking at monsters this time which companies are considered monstrous. Many people believe newspapers are there to report facts and tell the truth but in this capitalist world, the most highly read online newspaper ‘The Daily Mail’ titillates, tells tall stories and bends the truth. Why? To sell papers and encourage high readership.

The stoking of fears and playing on prejudices is unbelievably powerful. Complex stories are reduced to heroes and villains. I once worked as a researcher for a film-maker and felt uncomfortable at how you had to endear people towards you so that you could get your story.

I was playing around with letters and shadows and thought that the E looked like a character from a film. Something sinister and menacing.

I was on the train the other day and heard someone make a racist comment about an Eastern European woman. The lady on the train told…

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Tennyson – Like What (Official Video)

Tennyson said,

“We asked Nikita to listen to the song “Like What” by Tennyson, and to describe what came to mind as she listened. Afterwards, we filmed everything she described.

Nikita has been blind since birth. This film is a tour of the imagination of someone without vision and their interpretation of music.”


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Chiacchiere (Italian Carnival Fried Dough)

This gallery contains 9 photos.

Originally posted on Bread Love And Dreams:
Today in Italy is celebrated Fat Thursday, the traditional Catholic feast marking the last Thursday before Lent and Carnevale. Carnevale is the most colorful and playful period of the year, when everyone wears a costume or a…

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Rio Carnaval – Videos of Blocos

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Xingu, the clamor coming from the forest in Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival

ENTITLE blog - a collaborative writing project on Political Ecology

By Barbara Arisi & Felipe Milanez *

Much to the chagrin of ranchers and agribusiness, one of Rio de Janeiro’s popular samba schools, Imperatriz Leopoldinense, is making visible the terrible consequences of agribusiness and hydropower dams on the Xingu Indigenous Park in this year’s Carnival.

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What kind of a city and region do we want?


Success as building frenzy: the Manchester model Someone once told me that for Sir Howard Bernstein, the retiring Chief Executive of Manchester City Council, his measure of success was the number o…

Source: What kind of a city and region do we want?

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New drug combination can regenerate hair cells in the inner ear to restore lost hearing.

Like For Real Dough

New drug combination can regenerate hair cells in the inner ear to restore lost hearing.

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