Dilma declared innocent:

The Net Projection

aves imperialistas-640x858

Purchase of Pasadena refinery: declared innocent in TCU investigation.

Obstruction of Lava Jato: declared innocent in PF investigation.

Money abroad: declared innocent in MPF investigation.

Fiscal manoeuvres: declared innocent in MPF investigation.

Abuse of power: declared innocent in TSE investigation.


1) Dilma vetoed the readjustment of 40% to the salaries of the judiciary (irritating the Justice arm).

2) Dilma vetoed the employment Law reform and approval of outsourcing deregulation (irritating the business and Fiesp).

3) Dilma vetoed the private electoral campaign financing (irritating those benefiting from bribes).

4) Dilma gave free reign to the Federal Police and did not interfere in the investigations (irritating the corrupt Congressmen and Senators).

5) Dilma refused to negotiate with Cunha, Leader of Congress (irritating the 300 Congressmen he sustained).

6) Dilma did not accept the handing over of Brazilian oil to foreigners (irritating the USA).

7) Dilma…

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Theatre review: “Happy Days” by Samuel Beckett

Julia's books

I consider fortunate to live in Manchester with its wonderful theatres. I grew up in and spent many years working in central London where you are spoilt for choice for theatre and the Arts, but, reality check, with a family it’s not so easy to exploit all those opportunities. The great thing about Manchester and the Royal Exchange Theatre in particular, is that whatever you see there you can pretty much guarantee it’s going to be good. And now that Maxine Peake seems to have made it her creative home, with so many productions in which she stars or directs, you know you are going to get something special.

I can’t say I’m that familiar with Beckett’s work; apart from Waiting for Godot, I’ve not seen any of his other plays. My husband is quite a fan though so we went along to Happy Days last week. It runs until…

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Judge’s ruling confirms the Guarujá triplex belongs to OAS, not Lula

The Net Projection

Judge rules on the seizure of the company’s assets, amongst them the famous apartment attributed to Lula in operation Lava Jato – translation of article found at Brasil de Fato

Revista Fórum*


Judge Luciana Correa Tôrres de Oliveira, of the Second of Execution and Deeds Court in the Federal District, ruled on the seizure of OAS assets, notably including the asset of the triplex apartment which Lava Jato says belongs to ex-President Lula.

According to information on the blog of journalist Mino Pedrosa, this ruling goes against the investigation in Lava Jato about the Guarujá triplex. The legal action attends to a company seeking payment of debts against OAS Empreendimentos.

The business centre that was being built in the Federal District had a Specific Purpose Business contract, and the creditor company filed a legal suit for recovery of R$ 7.2 million corrected for inflation. The Judge admitted…

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Margaret Mee and the Moonflower

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Annecy Festival – 100 Years in 100 Seconds

In the year of its 100th anniversary, Brazilian animation industry receives a special tribute at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, one of the world’s most important events in animation.

To celebrate the fact the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) commissioned from agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi and Vetor Zero a film summarizing the history of Brazilian animation in 100 seconds. Directorial duo Alton, together with agency creatives selected a series of significant characters from the worlds of film, advertising, television and the web, from the pioneering Kaiser by Álvaro Marins (1917) to Cuca, the protagonist of “The Boy And The World”, nominated for the 2016 Oscars.

To bring this journey to life a dream team of animators, authors and directors were invited to participate, bringing along a wide variety of techniques and materials, such as cel animation, CG, stop motion, cutouts, clay, gouache and so on. The result is a captivating, dynamic film, capable of entertaining and moving the general public as well as experts in the history of animation.

AD AGENCY: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
CLIENT: Apex-Brasil
TITLE: Cem Anos em Cem Segundos
AIR DATE: 06/02/2018
CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Pedro Padro | Rodrigo Castellari
ARTISTIC DIRECTORS/COPYWRITERS: Mica Moran | Luiz Brodo | Marcelo Almeida
ACCOUNT SERVICES: Saulo Sanchez | Rafael Cappelli | Gabriela Marques | Julia Marquezi | Camila Larroudé
MEDIA SERVICES: Mauricio Almeida | Adriana Roza | Leonardo Sousa
PLANNING: Rita Albuquerque | Quentin Mahe
RTV: Elucieli Nascimento | Fernanda Sousa | Rafael Paes | Victor Alloza
EDITORIAL: Vetor Zero Team
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Alberto Lopes e Sergio Salles
ONLINE: Vivi Torre
ACCOUNT MANAGERS/LINE PRODUCERS: Fernanda Germek | Marcia Guimarães
Alceu Baptistao – Tartaruga
Alê Abreu – Menino e o mundo
Angeli – Wood & Stock e Rê Bordosa
Celia Catunda – Luna e Peixonauta
Cesar Cabral – Dossiê Rê Bordosa
Clóvis Vieira – Cassiopéia
Juliano Enrico – Irmão do Jorel
Kiko Mistrorigo – Luna e Peixonauta
Luiz Bolognesi – Uma História de Amor e Fúria
Marcos Magalhães – Ratinho Azul e Meow
Otto Guerra – Wood & Stock: Sexo, Orégano e Rock’n’Roll
Paolo Conti – Minhocas, o filme
Rafael Ribas – Lino uma aventura de sete vidas
Rosana Urbes – Guida
Thiago Martins – Fudêncio
Victor Hugo – Historietas Assombradas
Walbercy Ribas – O Grilo Feliz e o Homenzinho Azul
Zé Brandão – Tromba Trem
CONDUCTOR: Equipe Satélite
ACCOUNT SERVICES: Fernanda Costa | Tatiane Dias Ferreira
CLIENT APPROVAL: Carlos Villanova | Pricila Caied | Fabio Galvão

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Ex-Shaman – film review – Dirty Movies

Documentary reveals that the indigenous people of Brazil still face an old evil: the deconstruction of of their culture and beliefs through evangelisation

Perpera lives his life completely surrounded by elements of modern civilisation. Film director and scriptwriter Luiz Bolognesi delves into the life of the tribe and its different generations identifying the effects of time since the tribe’s first contact with the outside world in 1969. In just two years, the tribe lost 200 of its 750 members to infections, viruses and illnesses brought in by the explorers.

The interaction gradually defaced their old customs. They now cook on stoves, have electricity and use mosquito nets while sleeping. The difference between 1969 and now is staggering and revolting. The ethnocide film is still happening without interference from the Brazilian government and other institutions. The film raises a question: what can we do in to order to stop this phenomenon and restore the dignity of the indigenous people?

Source: Ex-Shaman – film review

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The Equation of Time: Clocks Vs Sundials

A few centuries ago, the arbiter of “local noon” wasn’t the mechanical clock, it was the sundial. The pseudoscientific-sounding “equation of time” is how you convert between the two — and perhaps not the way you’d expect.

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Surreal Paintings by Matthew Grabelsky Take the New York City Subway for a Wild Ride

New York City is sometimes affectionately (or disaffectionately) referred to as a “concrete jungle,” but for Los Angeles-based artist Matthew Grabelsky it’s more of a big cageless zoo. Using the New York City subway system as the setting for his work, Grabelsky paints surreal portraits of people who are seemingly normal from the neck down, but who have had their heads replaced by animals, both wild and domesticated.

Having grown up in New York and being fascinated by the imagery of Greek mythology as a kid, Grabelsky’s paintings are an exploration of human nature and of the way that animals represent various parts of the human subconscious. “The characters are symbolic of the kinds of thoughts that lie under the surface of people’s minds, and they reveal that the most extraordinary can exist in the most ordinary of everyday settings,” the artist told Prohbtd in an interview. “This theme is communicated through the juxtaposition of these ostensibly irrational images with otherwise completely mundane scenes. My idea is that my creatures are not original but are ultimately part of a much larger cultural continuum.”

Source: Surreal Paintings by Matthew Grabelsky Take the New York City Subway for a Wild Ride

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Mythical Creatures and Greek Gods Leap From Waves Captured off the South Coast of England

As a child, photographer Rachael Talibart would sit on a deck near her family’s home on the South Coast of England and imagine the mythical creatures that would form and instantly evaporate inside the crashing waves. As she grew older she studied the sea monsters described in Homer’s Odyssey and used this education to fuel her current series, Sirens. Instead of merely capturing the haphazard way waves might form during violent storms, Talibart uses a fast shutter piece to freeze the water into sculptural shapes that appear like gods or monsters rising out of the sea. 

In several images, faces can be seen at the forefront of the wave, charging above the sea in a powerful arc. The faces are hauntingly present, as if a monster is truly locked in the tumultuous sea. “For me, the ocean will always be a potent source of inspiration,” Talibart explains. “It makes small, unimportant things of us all yet, at the same time, it is exhilarating and profoundly life affirming.”

The series has shifted and evolved since its start in 2016, including the creation of a fine art book by the same title published by Triplekite.

Source: Mythical Creatures and Greek Gods Leap From Waves Captured off the South Coast of England

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Cyclo Knitter: A Bicycle-Based Machine That Knits a Scarf in Five Minutes – Colossal

The Cyclo Knitter is a bicycle-based machine by design student  George Barratt-Jones. The contraption is made from a simple combination of wood and bike parts, and allows one to knit a scarf through light exercise. Barratt-Jones came up with the idea one day while waiting for the train in Eindhoven. His invention allows other riders to stay warm while passing time on the platform, and step away with a winter accessory.[…]

Source: Cyclo Knitter: A Bicycle-Based Machine That Knits a Scarf in Five Minutes

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