How spiders got their knees | Science/AAAS | News

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How spiders got their knees | Science/AAAS | News

A gene named after the stumpy legs of wiener dogs may give spiders and scorpions their knees. That’s the surprising result of a new study, which finds that an ancient duplication of the so-called Dachshund gene has provided arachnids the ability to swiftly scuttle across silken webs, piles of leaf litter, and even the kitchen floor. The gene, also present in fruit flies and mice, could provide insights into how DNA duplication gives rise to new body shapes.

Still, there are other arachnids like mites that have kneecaps but no copy of the Dachshund gene, says Prashant Sharma, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, who was not involved in the work. “Reconciling how that occurs is something the study needs to grapple with before it can claim that one particular gene copy explains how all arachnids have patellas.”

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Map of the day: Europe’s two/country divide

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From Eurostat [PDF], and click on the image to enlarge:

Mall för pressemeddelande

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An Inside Look at Media City’s Most Exclusive Private Members Club

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When stepping in the lift up to the seventh floor in the Landing Building at Media City, I can almost hear Damian from Mean Girls shouting up a word of warning to the members congregated in the room above:

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Defining Slum

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The Slum and Slums
“Slum – definition: 1812 (of cant origin) 1. 1824 – A room. 2. A street, alley, court etc., situated in a crowded district of a town or city and inhabited by people of a low class or by the very poor ; a number of these streets or courts forming a thickly populated neighbourhood or district of a squalid or wretched character”. (OED)

Overuse and Misuse
Slum is an overused word. In the 1960s, whole areas of the towns I knew were swept away. Today in 2015 people refer to these areas as “slums”. Even on sites like “Salford’s Yesteryears” on facebook, people refer to all terraced houses as slums. This is incorrect use.

Slums – Not Easy to See
These areas were not all slums. The whole of Salford was not a slum. The whole of Manchester was not a slum. Areas of Salford, like…

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“We are the real Northern powerhouse” – the truth behind Manchester demo

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TUC Oct 4UnionNews asks trade union leaders why they marched against the Tories

Thousands of trade unionists yesterday took to the streets of Manchester to send a clear message to the government: ‘No to austerity, yes to workers’ rights.”
Greater Manchester Police estimated there 60,000 people present, although organisers believe there were more than that. One steward, who was at the end of the march route, told UnionNews the protestors and their banners were still arriving two hours after those at the front of the march had finished.

There were four arrests during the day, with police praising protestors, saying: “The overwhelming majority of people have exercised their democratic right to protest with dignity and good grace. I’d like to thank the organisers for taking responsibility and ensuring the demo was planned and delivered appropriately,”

Unions began to line up before midday, where they were treated to a short set by Billy…

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Have I Followed Alice Through The Looking Glass?

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by Martin Odoni

Am I in the Twilight Zone? Have I arrived on an alternative-dimension planet Earth? Monday at the Conservative Party Conference was just plain weird. Surreal even.

Yesterday, we had the tasteful experience of the Health Secretary and public-sector-plunderer-extraordinaire, Jeremy Hunt, telling everybody what a great idea it is to cut tax credits because it will make people work like a slave-labour force in Communist China.

Seriously? So after nearly seventy years of China and the West being diametrically-opposed ideologically, one of the most senior figures in the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom is now saying the Communist Party of Chairman Mao Tse Tung was right after all? Whether or not we like the idea of most of the population working longer hours in more extreme conditions than those seen in about a century, it sounds completely bewildering to hear a Conservative Cabinet Minister…

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Colourful tropical carnaval

Paris France

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A Comparative Look at the Development Experience of Brazil and China

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china_brazil_400Ashwin Nair presents a comparative look and contrasts the role of the state in the economic development of two BRICS countries, Brazil and China.

The Brazilian State and the Chinese state are two vastly different entities. While one has a history of military rule the other owes a lot to Maoist ideology. Today Brazil has a democratic form of Government whereas China’s government for over half a century has been composed of members from the same party, the Communist Party of China. But what impact has each of these states had on economic development? Is one form of state better than the other in ensuring greater economic development? These are the two main issues that will be addressed by taking a look at some key growth drivers in each of these economies and examining the role the state has played in these aspects.

Industrial Policy as a driver of Economic…

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Meet AQI Luciano

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Luciano Jorge Caldas aka Aqi Luciano is a street artist based in Brazil. He began his artistic career in 2006 in Vila Velha, a city located in Espirito Santo state, Brazil. At the beginning he experimented with different techniques in various areas of art, such as paintings, illustrations, designs and graffiti.
Nowadays he likes to create realistic murals with a big range of colors and lines.

~ By AQI Luciano ~ Brazil - Photo: ~ By AQI Luciano ~ Brazil – Photo:

~ By AQI Luciano ~ Brazil - Photo: ~ By AQI Luciano ~ Brazil – Photo:

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Portrait Plus

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From the fabulously creative to the unusual to the opportunist,…….

You should really take a look at thesePortraits in Plasticinefrom Eleanor Macnair who makes a playful postmodern statement with her latest exhibit of photographs rendered in play-doh. Certainly a unique presentation.

There’s also an interesting set of 19 portraits using mirrors from 100 years agofrom ‘Vintage Everyday’.I suppose it’s the selfies of their day however they provide an insight into the experimental as well as the creative from so long ago.

Do you remember 1972? Probably not (and nor I). But what if you were to find an old roll of unprocessed film from the Sweetheart Ice Rink from 1972….? Have a look time-vault images found on this roll.

Finally, Seattle based fine art photographer, Gabe Tomoiaga, presents a set of dreamy, even whimsical, portraits of his sons and childhood innocence.
Enjoy time with…

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