Portraits Using People by Alan Craig

Artist Alan Craig recreates famous iconic photographs with unique giant portraits using aerial photography. Similar to pixels, gatherings of people create these intricately composed portraits. Among some of the portraits recaptured are of the late Elvis Presley, Lucille Ball, and Marilyn Monroe. Most of the people used to create this project are outfitted in dark clothing to contrast easily with the stark white ground used as the back drop. Select areas use color to create a differentiation where the lips are.[…]

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Rio de Janeiro and The Aftermath of Marielle Franco’s Execution


Eu sou porque nós somos” was Marielle Franco’s campaign slogan when she ran for office in 2016. The Brazilian congresswoman fromFavela da Maréwas elected with more than 40,000 votes for Rio de Janeiro’s Legislative Assembly. Black, lesbian, single-mother, she was a human rights activist, who constantly criticized and denounced police abuse and civil rights violations, particularly when it occurred in the most vulnerable areas of the city. Her political platform was based on the promise to give visibility to black and peripheral minorities of Rio de Janeiro.

On March 14, 2018, Marielle Franco was executed along with her driver, Anderson Gomes, while leaving a public event held atCasa das Pretas(Black Women’s House), a space created for hosting the voices of black women from the favelas. After a polemic investigation that lasted over a year, two former police officers were arrested accused of killing Franco…

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Some corals ‘killed’ by climate change are now returning to life | New Scientist

Warm water can leave corals looking dead – but in some cases polyps still survive deep in the coral skeleton and in time they can return the coral to life

More: Some corals ‘killed’ by climate change are now returning to life | New Scientist

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The Monochrome Experience: Subtle Situations

Seeing a photograph is a visual and intellectual pleasure. Just like reading a good book, just like listening carefully to an immortal concert or opera. Sometimes relationships are established between the elements of the image, certain contrasts, a kind of dialogue between the subjects. I do not mean the composition or the usual rules of the four thirds, I speak about the subtle situations. In this series I especially like the photograph of the woman who crosses La Rambla. The female protagonist establishes a formal relationship with the three-arm lamppost. Why? The woman also has three arms and a point of distant light at the tip of the nose![…]

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Laurence Vallières’ Animal Masks From Salvaged Cardboard | Make:

Artist Laurence Vallières creates charming animal mask sculptures from salvaged cardboard that cleverly utilize the printed surface of the packaging materials in order to depict the animal imagery.

More: Laurence Vallières’ Animal Masks From Salvaged Cardboard | Make:

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The Truth About Test Screenings

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about test screenings.

Animated in Moho Pro 13. Music from Musopen and SoundSnap. Everything Shazam is copyright Warner Bros/New Line and DC comics. It’s also an alright film. Makes for an excellent Christmas gift. Just saying.

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BHOY // Short Film

BHOY is a teenager forced to mature in a savage world ruled by a God Whale.
Watch it in 4K.

Written, Directed and Animated by Podenco
Music and Sound Design: Carles Chiner, Pasqual Rodrigo, Zendra
Additional Animation: Luis Llácer, Marc Guardiola
Thanks to Raquel Sánchez, L’illa de Pasqu, J. A. Valverde, Saponiak, Foll, Carlos Aparicio, Facundo Novo
© Antoni Sendra Barrachina. Fall 2019


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Casa do Jornalista Ed Ruas em Santo Amaro no Recife. 

Bom dia com essa arte incrível que interage com o meio! Casa do Jornalista Ed Ruas em Santo Amaro no Recife. Artista: Moises Jesus da Silva conhecido como Kbeça. #ideiasdiferentes

Source: Casa do Jornalista Ed Ruas em Santo Amaro no Recife.

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Steampunks descend on Bronte village for festival

Hundreds of steampunks have descended on the Pennine village of Haworth for a festival dedicated to the genre.

The event features parades, fashion shows, music and burlesque acts.

Tea duelling – who can keep a dunked biscuit intact for the longest – is another highlight and in keeping with the movement’s courteous ethos.

Steampunk began as a sub-genre of science fiction which imagines a future powered by steam and clockwork but from a Victorian perspective[…]

Source: Steampunks descend on Bronte village for festival

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Oasis – Animation Short Film 2019 – GOBELINS


Menacés par l’avancée d’un désert stérile, une mère et son fils tentent de survivre dans une petite oasis.

Threatened by the growing desert, a young boy and his mother try to survive in a small oasis.

Réalisateurs / Directors: Florencia ATRIA, Léonard HICKS, Man LUO, Claire MATZ, Luana NGUYEN TRI LUAN, Marine PÉTRI
Contact de l’équipe / team contact : oasis@gobelins.fr
Musique / Soundtrack : Sébastien IWANSSON
Montage sonore / Sound designer : Nadège FEYRIT
Mixage / Mix : Cédric DENOOZ
Année de production / Production year : 2019

GOBELINS, l’école de l’image, Moïra Marguin : mmarguin@gobelins.fr
Contact festivals : Miyu Distribution, Luce Grosjean – festival@miyu.fr
Société de distribution : Gobelins, l’école de l’image

Site internet : gobelins.fr
Facebook : facebook.com/gobelins.ecole
Twitter : twitter.com/gobelins_paris

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