Commuting Chronicles: Manchester bus 192 woes

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I’m currently sitting on bus 192 from Manchester city centre out to Stockport. This is the worst bus route I’ve been on in my life. Why, you ask?

Well… Here are some sporadic thoughts:

1. The ‘busdriver reads newspaper’-stops.

This bus goes up to 18 times every hour. That should be around every third minute and it is – the buses often even roll up after each other.

So why then, does a bus driver who is already set on taking more than the 30-35 mins the route is supposed to take, stop the bus for a chill session? Hey bus driver, you don’t need to catch up on time – there are 10 buses behind you (oh wait, they just drove past us).

I understand that bus drivers need breaks like everyone else, but shouldn’t the system work so that they can break in between routes and not when…

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Feira Hippie de Ipanema, Ipanema Hippie Fair

Source: Feira Hippie de Ipanema, Ipanema Hippie Fair

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In Conversation: Juliana Barbassa

Source: In Conversation: Juliana Barbassa

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How Cheap Will Solar Get? #Auspol

If current rates of improvement hold, solar power will be incredibly cheap by the time it’s a substantial fraction of the world’s electricity supply, writes famous author and thinker Ramez Naam. According to Naam, electricity cost is from now on coupled to the ever-decreasing price of technology. That is profoundly deflationary and disruptive. It’s now […]

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For Brazil’s 1 Percenters, The Land Stays In The Family Forever – Lourdes Garcia-Navarro AUGUST 25, 2015 4:49 AM ET

Almost everyone who owns a home in the city of Petropolis — where the Brazilian royal family once had a summer palace — still pays tax to the descendants of the former rulers. Amadeu Júnior via Flickr Here is a eye-popping statistic from Brazil: 1 percent of the populationcontrols almost half the land. The country is […]

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Brazil has tallest environmental research tower in Latin America

Brazil and Germany have opened the tallest environmental observation tower in Latin America, a 325-meter (1,065-foot) structure that will allow scientists to study the effects of climate change on the Amazon jungle, officials said. The Amazonian Tall Tower Observatory, or ATTO, was inaugurated on Saturday, August 22nd, and is the result of a scientific partnership […]

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Long Lost Histories: Manchester’s Forgotten Burial Grounds

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Manchester has existed as a settlement for well over a millennium, since the Romans established a fort there since 79AD. The market town began to be transformed into an industrial powerhouse from the late 18th century, with the arrival of the Bridgewater Canal and the rise of the cotton industry. The population of Manchester in 1773 was over 22,400; by 1811 it had risen to 89,000 and by 1851 it was over 303,300!

These people lived, worked and died in Manchester. But where was they buried? During the 19th Century there was numerous churches, chapels and grave yards, today I’m going to write about three forgotten burial sites in modern-day Manchester, where you might not realise the dead are literally beneath your feet!

St. Ann’s Church (St. Ann’s Square)

St. Ann's Church, 2015. Source: Own Photograph St. Ann’s Church, 2015.
Source: Own Photograph

St. Ann’s Church is one of the city’s oldest religious buildings, it was built in 1712 and it still…

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Photo Postcards: Cristo Redentor From a Different Perspective

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There is no greater word to describe Cristo Redentor than iconic. The soapstone statue of Christ gracefully extends his arms atop Corcovado mountain welcoming all visitors to Rio de Janeiro below. Most people focus on taking a selfie with the statue — it’s absolutely a bucket-list photo — or the panoramas of the “cidade maravilhosa” (marvelous city) and gorgeous Guanabara Bay below.  However, I think one of the most unique views happens on the approach. As I walked up the steps to the back of the statue, I began to appreciate the scale of the art deco statue, the beauty of it’s design by French sculptor Paul Landowski and the complexity of its construction by Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa. The people in the photograph add scale and life to the photo capturing the excitement of the climb to the top of one of the world’s man-made wonders.

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Alphabe Thursday O is for O brasileiro

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O brasileiro deplora O interesse de amar Seus costumes, sua música Quer os outros imitar Povo assim e muito fácil Doutro país dominar ? The Brazilian deplores the interest of love; and…

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Eduardo Kobra, Brazilian street artist, to create five-story Bob Dylan mural in Minneapolis.

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Brazilian muralist Eduardo Kobra is known for his colourful murals, sometimes several stories high, all around the world. His work often consists of colourful geometric shapes intertwined with a realistic portrait of a person. He…

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