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Depression speeds up brain ageing, find psychologists

Originally posted on Scents of Science:
Psychologists at the University of Sussex have found a link between depression and an acceleration of the rate at which the brain ages. Although scientists have previously reported that people with depression or anxiety…

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Travel in Time to a Redundant Dimension

Originally posted on The Broad Spectrum Life:
It’s common to hear time referred to as the fourth dimension, an assumed complement to the three dimensional space we are used to. With length, width, and height must come a unidirectional flow…

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Saudade: The Love That Remains

Originally posted on Community Nap:
When it comes to the word Saudade, there are plenty of things that come in mind. The 1974’s Moacir Santos album, the 2011’s Japanese movie, the 1994’s song by Chris Rea, or the 2014’s Thievery…

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New Theory on Dark Matter, Dark Energy

Originally posted on Allan Brewer, Author: Blog on Cherry-picked Science :
Fg indicates the force, a indicates the acceleration A fascinating new paper released today suggest that both dark matter and dark energy can be explained by a single phenomenon –…

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Brazil’s Bolsonaro lumps native tribes with women in new ministry

Originally posted on OFLINK News:
BRASILIA- (REUTERS) : Brazil’s right-wing President-elect Jair Bolsonaro named a pro-life evangelical pastor on Thursday to head a new ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights that will also take over the agency looking after…

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Right Brain, Left Brain

Originally posted on Artistcoveries:
My mind is in a bit of a whirl this morning. As a self-taught student, I rarely have a straight course of art study laid out ahead of me. Oh, sometimes I think I do, but as…

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Park bench covered with autumn leaves

Originally posted on Vova Zinger's Photoblog:
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Bacterial Infections and Cancer Remissions

Originally posted on Otium:
Epistemic status: pretty confident but only making weak claims In previous posts I’ve talked about how progress on cancer treatment has slowed and how recent targeted chemotherapy drugs are mostly ineffective, and floated some heuristics as…

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From Parties to Crises: The Brazilian Reality

Originally posted on Hunter College Writes:
Introduction Brazil was always seen as a country filled with happiness, parties and holidays, that gave us the excuse to dance and have fun for more than a week, such as the Carnaval. Brazil…

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