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This Peruvian Farmer Grows Over 400 Varieties of Potatoes

Consider the humble potato. Many of us take the starchy tuber for granted. But not Julio Hancco Mamani. That’s because deep in the Andes mountains, in the Cusco region of Peru, this “Potato King” is continuing a family legacy by … Continue reading

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The Chocolate Croissant Controversy

A chocolate croissant—is it correct to call it a pain au chocolat or a chocolatine in France? Depends on who you ask. It’s a subject of great debate that’s been addressed by the French Parliament and President Emmanuel Macron. We … Continue reading

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Is France’s groundbreaking food-waste law working?

A third of the world’s food goes to waste, but France is attempting to do something about it. Since 2016, large grocery stores in the country have been banned from throwing away unsold food that could be given away. NewsHour … Continue reading

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Terence McKenna’s Stoned Ape Theory (Dir Jesse Yules)

Terence McKenna’s theory of human evolution, animated. Featuring illustrations by Zdeněk Burian and Edward Hopper. Music by Steve Reich – Pulse

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Creating Guatemala’s Food of the Gods

Great Big Story Published on 26 Jun 2018 Of all its delicious offerings, chocolate is Guatemala’s most divine treat. The ancient Mayan tradition of chocolate making is a 2,500-year-old cultural legacy kept alive by dedicated farmers, roasters and chocolatiers. Hang … Continue reading

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Equally sharing a cake between three people – Numberphile

Numberphile Published on 26 Sep 2017 Audible (30-day trial, free audio book): More links & stuff in full description below ↓↓↓ This video features Dr Hannah Fry. More videos with Hannah: Hannah’s website: Her book mentioned is … Continue reading

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Fun — and not-so-fun facts on International Chocolate Day —

With enough chemical stimulation to rival even the best sloppy kisses, chocolate is one of the most powerful substances on Earth. And today just happens to be its day. Let’s celebrate International Chocolate Day by getting the lowdown on all … Continue reading

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Gregg Segal’s “Daily Bread” Examines Kids’ Eating Habits

Interview with photographer Gregg Segal about his “Daily Bread” project which examines the diet of kids around the world and the globalization of nutrition. Why the decision to focus on children and what do you think their eating habits say … Continue reading

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Taking Risks With All Kinds of Poison

Working with and even cooking with deadly poison—despite the risks, people do it all the time. In this reel, we’ll meet everyone from a gardener who tends to plants that could kill him to the residents of a Japanese island … Continue reading

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The Sandwich in a Pickle

“I think it’s safe to say that everybody loves a good pickle,” says Katherine Cohen, head pickle proprietor of Elsie’s. She runs a sandwich shop in Haddon Township, New Jersey, that has done away with run-of-the-mill sandwich bread altogether in … Continue reading

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