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Mimi Von Snatch Published on 11 Feb 2018 [from the description] Hey dolls! Here is an easy DIY Carnival Feather Collar tutorial. This carnival feather collar/carnival costume is very popular in Trinidad carnival, Brazil carnival, Miami carnival, Toronto carnival etc … Continue reading

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The ‘Feather Family’ Creating Costumes for Moulin Rouge

Great Big Story Published on 5 Jun 2018 In Paris, France, you can’t have cabaret without glimmering rhinestones, dazzling sequins, or, most importantly, feathers. Since 1929, Maison Février has been responsible for adorning cabaret performers in an extravagant array of … Continue reading

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DIY Electronic Wings – pt.1 Frame & Electronics | Hawkgirl Cosplay Series

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Final Touches on the Mannequin (and other Things) — Nicole Heymann Art

I’ve been working on this mannequin project over the course of the last month. I will use it to design costumes and display them once they are finished. A couple of days ago, The mannequin got its burlap “skin” coat, … Continue reading

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Kniterate: A New Digital Knitting Machine Lets You ‘Print’ Fashion Designs | Colossal

Kniterate is a compact industrial knitting machine created for designers and entrepreneurs that facilitates the one-off creation of garments. Built by London-based designer Gerard Rubio, Kniterate is meant to act as a sort of 3D printer for knitwear, allowing you … Continue reading

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The Storming

Manchester School of Samba as part of The Storming by Humberto Vélez, an event at the former Cornerhouse for Home in 2015.

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Midwinter Carnival 2015 (Dunedin) New Zealand

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The Unseen

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Manchester Day Parade 2013

We have been busy preparing for the biggest parade of the year here in my home city of Manchester, The Manchester Day Parade. Modelled on American and Irish events it aims to celebrate the communities, diversity and creativity of the … Continue reading

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