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Birds Get Stoned by Rubbing Ants on Their Wings

It’s called “anting,” and lots of birds do it. This article originally appeared on VICE Romania. I recently found out that some species of birds are known to have a drug habit. Before you nod off into some daydream about … Continue reading

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Gift giving crows – World’s Weirdest Events: Episode 5 – BBC Two

Programme website: In Seattle, a young girl has made an unlikely group of friends – a group of crows who hang out in her garden and regularly bring her gifts.

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Spectacular Fans of Feathers Define the Vogelkop Superb Bird-of-Paradise Courtship Ritual

This short video from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology documents the spectacular plumage and mating dance of the Vogelkop Superb Bird-of-Paradise. In order to catch the attention of its female counterpart, the male Bird-of-Paradise flips its cape of black feathers into … Continue reading

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The Strange Anatomy of Hummingbirds

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” A Shadow Of Blue”

“A SHADOW OF BLUE” from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo. A touching story in which fantasy and reality merge to make dreams come true. How determining can reality be, and how can fantasy unleash an unexpected freedom? Can a fragile world … Continue reading

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Western scrub jay shows funerals aren’t all they seem.

One of the sad facts of life is death. For humans, we have certain practices depending on faith or culture that make the issue of loss more bearable. Indeed many parents get their children pets not just for the lesson … Continue reading

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