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Balanced Gourds and Stacked Loaves Compose Bountiful Still Lifes by ChangKi Chung

ChangKi Chung composes cairn-like portraits of flowers, fruits, and vegetables that balance the unique shapes and vibrant colors of each natural object. In some images the edible elements are shot whole, while in others artistic slices are created to highlight … Continue reading

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Ghostly Figures Occupy Sculptures of Architectural Ruin by Diana Al-Hadid

Diana Al-Hadid creates large-scale sculptures and installations that merge bodily forms with collapsing altars, columns, and other architectural forms. Headless bronze figures in repose appear to drip down concrete blocks, while organs surround fictional players like beautiful beasts. In each, … Continue reading

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How Fireworks Work: Ball Shells

NightHawkInLight Published on 8 Jan 2012 This video shows the basic concepts that are used to create professional firework shells. If you would like to learn how to purchase or build professional fireworks safely and legally, I suggest reading this … Continue reading

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Shimmering Collages and Installations by Sara Shakeel Bring Bedazzled Glamour to Everyday Scenes

Chicago-based artist Sara Shakeel used to have a career as a dentist. But she’s traded in pearly whites for a shiny new medium: crystals. Shakeel incorporates a combination of collage and original photography in her glittering work, and focuses on food, landscapes, … Continue reading

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Spike-Covered Vessels by Ikuko Iwamoto Imitate the Irregular Shapes of Microorganisms

London-based artist Ikuko Iwamoto gathers inspiration for her spike-covered vessels from microscopic sources, imitating the shape of the nearly invisible microorganisms that inhabit our bodies. To create the objects, Iwamoto first slip casts the body of the bowl. Next she … Continue reading

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Urban Weed Awards Crown Unwanted Plants with Superlatives

Michael Pederson (previously) takes note of small, peculiar moments with his outdoor interventions. Frequently using subtly humorous signage, the artist, who goes by ‘Miguel Marquez Outside’, draws the attention of passersby to places where perception of seemingly banal scenarios are … Continue reading

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Praying Mantises, Venus Fly Traps, and Autumn Leaves Crafted From Finely Molded Crepe Paper

Illustrator and paper artist Tina Kraus sculpts realistic insects, plants, and reptiles out of textured crepe paper, adding colorful details with pastel chalk and paint. Kraus first began using the materials about two years ago, starting with common flowers and … Continue reading

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A 20 Foot-Wide Tapestry by Vanessa Barragão Recreates the World in Textural Yarn

In celebration of a partnership between London’s Heathrow Airport and Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, fiber artist Vanessa Barragão (previously) was commissioned to create a massive botanical tapestry. Using a range of techniques including latch hooking, felt needling, carving, crochet, … Continue reading

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Magnetic Tape Transforms Historical Chapel into an Energetic Tunnel – My Modern Met

From now until August 20, 2019, the city of Bordeaux is hosting Liberté!—an epic art and cultural season that celebrates creative freedom. Curated by José-Manuel Gonçalvès, the entire city transforms into a stage for expression—from musical performances to artist exhibitions. One … Continue reading

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Sanded Down Versions of Mass-Produced Chairs Speak to an Economy in Crisis

Dutch designer Frank Tjepkema of Studio Tjep created the Recession Chair in 2011 as a response to the world’s economic crisis. To produce the work, Studio Tjep sanded down a mass-produced IKEA chair to a ragged and skeletal structure. “The resulting object is barely functional as … Continue reading

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