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Ethics and aesthetics — David Dunnico

A couple of posts ago I wrote about how I approached the issue of homelessness, by photographing anti-homeless spikes and other examples of ‘defensive architecture. These were evidence of how those in power tried to get rid of homeless people, … Continue reading

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Influencia on Vimeo

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Mural illustration at 1925 on Vimeo

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Brigantes — StuDom

Brigantes from Awhelin on Vimeo. A short time lapse journey through scenic landscape in northern England. Brigantes was a Celtic tribe in Roman period, living in area which later became Yorkshire. I took an artistic liberty to cross into neighbor … Continue reading

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Portraits of Genius Dominate the Emmy Nonfiction Field — Variety

Examining one amazing life defines this year’s lauded non-fiction contenders. In the documentary or nonfiction special category, all the nominees are films about one hyper-creative person. Although the groundbreaking artists have died, in various ways they all participated in the … Continue reading

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Video: Cycle From Kouhei Nakama —

Japanese visual art director Kouhei Nakama explores the human form. via Video: Cycle From Kouhei Nakama —

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Aleah Chapin — power of h Weblog

via Aleah Chapin — power of h Weblog

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“C’é chi..”

C’è chi ti legge come un libro aperto, chi ti chiude come un libro letto, chi ti scrive come un libro bianco, chi ha perso il segnalibro, chi voleva leggerti ma le emozioni non erano in saldo, chi … Source: … Continue reading

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World’s Rituals — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Documentary Photographer David Katzenstein is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography. These images are from his project ‘World Views: Ritual‘. To see David’s collections and projects click on any image. See also: Dia de los Muertos … Continue reading

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An Explosive New Mural and Paintings by Collin van der Sluijs | Colossal

From the smallest details expressed on canvas to the cracked facade of a multi-story building, Dutch artist Collin van der Sluijs is comfortable investigating what he refers to as “personal pleasures and struggles in daily life.” Working without sketches or … Continue reading

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