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Can This Magic Bush Cure Cancer and Cast Spells?

If you’ve ever been on an African safari, chances are your ranger crafted a bush toothbrush for you at some point. Cutting a twig from a Magic guarri tree and fraying the ends into bristles is a common ranger’s ploy … Continue reading

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The danger of a single story

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The African Empire — Juju Films

Haiti recently gained membership in the African Union, making it the first country outside the continent to be African. If other Island countries like Jamaica, Belize, Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas, Cuba, Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Grenada, St. … Continue reading

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Roots of Capoeira Crowd Funding Appeal

Help them out here Angolan Roots of Capoeira

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Morocco’s Success in the Aerospace Industry

Originally posted on My Eclectic Blog:
 The Wall Street Journal ran a very interesting piece today on  Morocco’s success in developing its aerospace industry. The story should inspire and give hope to many developing countries. It proves that advanced manufacturing is…

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African voices respond to hyper-popular Kony 2012 viral campaign – Boing Boing

(Updated with additions, March 10, 2012. Here’s a Twitter list, so you can follow all of the African writers mentioned in this post who are on Twitter.) The internets are all a-flutter with reactions to Kony 2012, a high-velocity viral … Continue reading

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