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How Geography KILLED a Letter

Fun facts: I had a speech impediment as a child where I couldn’t pronounce TH properly, instead using an F sound. Good thing I got all that cleared up before making this video. If you’re curious what thorn looks like … Continue reading

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How did the letter P come to be in English

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Mary Beard – Women & Power

Commissioned by The Getty Museum on the occasion of their 2019 Getty Medal to Mary Beard, one of the world’s foremost public intellectuals, a professor of classics at Cambridge University, and the author of numerous books on ancient Rome. … Continue reading

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Hors Piste

“Only one goal: SAVE THE WORLD! After 46 awards in festivals (including a BAFTA for best student film) and more than 150 selections… Our film is online in FULL length for 1 month! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for … Continue reading

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Magazine Cutouts Form Nature Collages Shaped Like Birds and Butterflies by Jennifer Murphy

Toronto-based artist Jennifer Murphy combines cutouts of animals, plants, and other organic objects to create large-scale nature collages. Strung together using gossamer thread, the collages form the silhouettes of birds and surreal outdoor scenes from Murphy’s imagination. The artist sources images of … Continue reading

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No longer behind bars, Brazil’s ex-president says the left can win back the country in 2022 — Global News

He also called for solidarity with fellow South American countries and lambasted U.S. President Donald Trump, saying his border wall plan is unacceptable and aimed at keeping out poor people. Continue reading → via No longer behind bars, Brazil’s ex-president says … Continue reading

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Photographer’s Striking Landscape Photos Are Visual Love Letters

“Viewing the natural world through the lens of my camera offers me the opportunity to both see and to share visions of the world that some only dream of being able to witness.”[…] Read More: Photographer’s Striking Landscape Photos Are … Continue reading

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Painting With Code: UI Engineer Diana Smith Creates Baroque-Inspired Portraits with CSS

With little more than a text editor—and years of experience as a web developer—UI engineer  Diana Adrianne Smith creates Flemish and baroque inspired portraits using HTML and CSS, the two primary presentation markup languages designed to display web pages. The … Continue reading

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Cutting a Feathery Cascade of Paper

Japanese artist Sachiko Abe sits atop a building in a white gown, cutting countless sheets of A4 paper into thin, wispy strips.The performance piece known as Cut Paper is both calming and mystifying. Abe sits for hours on end meticulously … Continue reading

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Die Badende (The Bather), Hamburg, Germany

Nov 8, 2019- Many fine art museums around the world offer mobile apps, and most of them are free. Source: The Best Fine Art Museum Apps | art and design in 2019 | Sculpture art, Installation art, Art museum

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