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Découvrez la promenade République-Belleville !

Originally posted on Ibis Styles Paris Voltaire :
Le Ibis Styles Paris Voltaire vous souhaite une bonne fin de semaine ! Le soleil illumine les rues de Paris, voici la parfaite occasion de faire la promenade République-Belleville ! En longeant le…

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Felice Varini – New Anamorphic Installation

Illusion artist Felice Varini is currently in Paris, France where he opened a solo exhibition entitled “La Villette en suites.” The show consists of anamorphic installation pieces which are perfectly implemented so that the viewer can only see the full…

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New York’s subway and street art

Originally posted on Sweetescapes:
NYC has a lot of great art and you don’t need to visit a museum to see some of it. Like in many other cities, the street art scene is quite alive and became part of people’s everyday lives.…

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Saving your sacred land from fracking…the Salford way

Originally posted on mancunianspring:
It’s very hard not to declare our Salford Mosses safe from fracking today on Earth Day as something quite remarkable and pivotal has happened on the last 3% of British Lowland Mossland in existence. A fantastic…

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Our encounter with Moqueca and the brazilian vibes…

Originally posted on SoundPlates:
Each bite of our prepared Moqueca ( pronounced Mo-keh-ka) is layered in some good memories. Because truly you never forget the first time you eat this wonderful stew. We were couchsurfing in Lisbon some years ago…

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100 Years of Hair in Two Videos

Originally posted on amatasta:
So, there was this, in January. Probably everyone on the planet has seen this video, or maybe not. I love the lips in the “1920” montage, and now that I’ve seen this again, today, I’ll probably…

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Australia: The secret country again wages war on its own people

Originally posted on Stop Making Sense:
John Pilger writes: ‘Australia has again declared war on its Indigenous people, reminiscent of the brutality that brought universal condemnation on apartheid South Africa. Aboriginal people are to be driven from homelands where their…

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Caribbean super-rat history extracted from DNA

Originally posted on Repeating Islands:
BBC Science Correspondent Jonathan Amos writes that scientists have pieced together the evolutionary history of a fascinating group of extinct Caribbean rats, some of which grew to the size of cats and were driven to…

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About Last Night

Originally posted on PraiaPlayaPlage:
“No, we dont have a contract. She’s my friend.” Later, even Kaká told me she was shocked when he said that. What type of friend throws someone onto the street at two in the morning? It was…

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Real People from Rio

Originally posted on kaputz:
Originally posted on kaputz: View original

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