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Rooms is a print and film project that explores the connections between mental and physical spaces through conversation, illustration, design, and animation. Made In collaboration with shelfshelf, a publishing imprint and collaborative graphic design practice operated by Lucas Reif and … Continue reading

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Visualising irrationality with triangular squares

Get ready for some brand new and very pretty visual proofs of the fact that root 2, root 3, root 5 and root 6 are irrational numbers. Root 2 being irrational also translates into the fact that the equation x^2+x^2=y^2 … Continue reading

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Old Norse Influence on Northern English

Árni Leifsson and Andrew R (and possibly others) have pointed out that in the word ‘gymbr,’ the /-r/ ending is actually part of the stem! Seems I need to brush up on ON morphology a bit. However, I still don’t … Continue reading

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Apple Highlights Black Excellence With Photography Film Captured On iPhone – | Design Taxi

The clip follows Black photographers sharing their hometowns with the world through their unique lens. Apple’s latest Shot on iPhone short film has been released on YouTube, in honor of Black History Month. Titled Hometown, the video is part of … Continue reading

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A Dazzling Series of Photos Captures the Soft Glow of Firefly Mating Season in Japan

An enchanting series by Russian photographer Daniel Kordan (previously) frames a sea of flickering fireflies as they populate a dense bamboo forest. Captured in pockets and trails of light, the insects radiate across the thick vegetation on Japan’s Kyushu Island, which … Continue reading

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Award winning shortfilm I Fisherwoman and Tuk Tuk I Studio Eeksaurus I Short Film

When she discovers a pearl in the belly of a fish, a Konkani fisherwoman resigned to a mundane life of daily struggle, abandons her trade and indulges in her wildest fantasy. She buys herself a brightly colored rickshaw (“tuk tuk”) … Continue reading

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TIPS on photographing OVERGROWN architecture & ruins

This week we have another fairly long video on photographing overgrown locations. Shot in Tskaltubo a few weeks back. I break down a simple shot into sections and then show you in photoshop how we can combine three images to … Continue reading

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Architecture on Location | Photography in Tskaltubo, Georgia

Architecture on Location | Photography in Tskaltubo, Georgia features one of the highlights on both of my visits to Georgia this year, Tskaltubo, a small town a short distance from Kutaisi a city in the West of the Country. This … Continue reading

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Stories in Place: Mosaic On A Stick

nspired by colorful mosaic artwork, this mixed media piece follows the story of multiracial artist Lori Greene. Greene owns the mosaic studio and community art space “Mosaic On A Stick” in St. Paul, Minnesota. Stories in Place is a collection … Continue reading

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When Is Now?

When is now? Seems like a pretty simple question… just look at your watch. But do you and I share the same “now”? Let’s journey from Einstein’s thought experiments about relativity to cutting edge neuroscience research to try and answer … Continue reading

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