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How Ramen Changed in America | Annals of Obsession | The New Yorker

From Maruchan to Momofuku, a look at America’s love affair with the savory noodle. Advertisements

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Mysterious river dolphin helps crack the code of marine mammal communication –

The Araguaian river dolphin of Brazil is something of a mystery. It was thought to be quite solitary, with little social structure that would require communication. But Laura May Collado, a biologist at the University of Vermont, and her colleagues have … Continue reading

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Rare and Endangered Butterfly Species Recreated in Glass by Laura Hart

Glass artist Laura Hart (previously) uses a range of techniques to translate her love of plants and animals into meticulously crafted sculptures. For her “Butterflies” series, the artist has recreated rare species and subspecies from around the world with bright … Continue reading

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Michael Pollan’s Rules for Eating | Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing

When asked about the biggest misperception around healthy eating, Michael Pollan answers almost immediately: “It’s much simpler than people think.” “We have done an amazing job in this society of complicating what for every other animal is a pretty straightforward … Continue reading

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Massive Murals Are Popping Up Around Detroit

What role will art play in Detroit’s future? In 2014, when the City of Detroit threatened to sell many of the Detroit Institute of Art’s prized artworks to help the Motor City exit bankruptcy, the question of art’s role in the city’s future … Continue reading

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A Photo Series by Yoko Ishii Documents the Free-Ranging Urban Deer of Nara, Japan

In Nara, Japan,  Sika deer are not restricted to forests or parks, but rather mingle in the urban center much like humans—congregating in green spaces, browsing open shops, and even lining up neatly to pass through turnstiles. Although viewed as a … Continue reading

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15,000 Black Paper Butterflies Swarm the Fondazione Adolfo Pini for Carlos Amorales’s Latest Installation of ‘Black Cloud’

Hordes of black butterflies of various sizes and species cover the grand staircase, mirrors, walls, and doors of the Milan-based  Fondazione Adolfo Pini. The dark and vast swarm is a part of the more than 10-year series Black Cloud by Mexican artist Carlos … Continue reading

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The Gotthard Tunnel: also a women’s story

The world’s longest rail tunnel, 57km long, opened on 1 June 2016. This feat of Swiss engineering, which crosses the Alps and links the cantons of Uri and Ticino, was built by AlpTransit Gotthard SA, a subsidiary of the Swiss … Continue reading

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Gut microbiota may be the reason why cancer immunotherapy works for some but not all

2nd April 2019 by Danielle Bengsch Scientists found 11 bacterial strains and a link to a cellular process in mice that influences whether their immune system fights melanoma. A group of 40 clinicians, computer scientists and microbiome experts say they’ve found … Continue reading

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