Architecture on Location | Photography in Tskaltubo, Georgia

Architecture on Location | Photography in Tskaltubo, Georgia features one of the highlights on both of my visits to Georgia this year, Tskaltubo, a small town a short distance from Kutaisi a city in the West of the Country.

This is not meant as a guide, but a warning as well as a showcase of the towns plight and my story in images from both visits.

During the Soviet times the Georgian town was a popular health destination famed for its therapeutic water and sanatoriums. Four trains arrived daily full of guests from Moscow in Russia. When the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990’s, the buildings were abandoned and fell into decay.

In 1992 a war in nearby Abkhazia broke out. An estimated 10,000 Displaced Georgians fled from the conflict and were given temporary shelter in Tskaltubo’s unoccupied buildings and sanatoriums. Twenty-five years later, hundreds of families remain living in these stunning architectural remains of a Soviet past.

Thank you in addition to the guys at Georgian Imedi TV for the footage (taken during a video interview), as as well as the couple of drone clips sent to me by Adam X.

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