Serenaded by Australian Magpies

The Magpie Whisperer has great respect and empathy towards #australianmagpies​. She’s been intimately observing the behaviour of these wild birds up close and personal for 10-years, whilst being lucky enough to form unlikely bonds with many of these #magpies​.
Over the many years, these birds have helped her through some of her darkest times, and have also helped her manage with her anxiety.
In 2019, Danielle became a licensed wildlife rehabilitator specialising in magpies. She now dedicates her time volunteering to help these birds on an entirely new level.

Danielle has a special relationship with Boots, R2-D2, Mrs.R2, Baldy and Mini. They grew up free in her backyard when they were juveniles, (about 6-8 years ago) and are still going strong to this day! The Magpie Whisperer loves to travel around the neighborhood and visit them regularly to make sure they’re all happy and well. She’s watched several generations of these magpies’ offspring thrive into strong and healthy individuals!

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