Sue Takes on the Sutton Hoo Helmet | Curator’s Corner S6 E5

The excavations at Sutton Hoo during 1939 were unique for a number reasons. We’re not sure the exact number of reasons (like Irving, maths really isn’t our thing), but there were definitely enough for Netflix to make an original, dramatized version of it in the form of ‘The Dig’. A ship burial of this level of wealth has not been found before or since in England, and excavations were conducted under the shadow of the United Kingdoms impending involvement in World War Two.

Though a great number of exceptional objects were found in the mound at Sutton Hoo, none have captured the public imagination like the Sutton Hoo helmet. And tonight, for the first time in 10 years, we got to get the incredibly delicate helmet out of its display case, and hopefully do it justice (it was incredibly intimidating to film with).

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