Homeless Man Reunites w/ Family After They See Viral Makeover Photo

His family hadn’t seen him in over 10 years and assumed he was dead, but now they’re finally reunited.

Sometimes, a little good deed can go a long way. It can even change a life. When a man experiencing homelessness in Brazil named João Coelho Guimarães was approached by businessman Alessandro Lobo, it marked the beginning of his transformation. Lobo, who owns a men’s fashion store and barber service called Padoo, offered Guimarães some food. However, Guimarães turned down the offer and asked for something else instead—a beard trim. Lobo decided to give him the full VIP treatment, and provided him with a life-changing makeover—one which helped him reunite with his family.

Lobo invited Guimarães to his salon, where a team of barbers shaved and cut his hair, trimmed his beard, and cleaned him up. They also gave him new clothes, including three shirts, a pair of pants, a jacket, and shoes. After around two hours, Guimarães was completely transformed. “He was genuinely surprised and really grateful,” recalls Lobo. “He didn’t say much, but the tears were enough. We were surprised to see that he was also beautiful on the outside, not only in.”

Guimarães was living on the streets for over a decade and his family assumed he was dead. However, while he was at the salon, Lobo took before and after photos to capture the epic transformation and shared them on Instagram. The post went viral, and it was even seen by Guimarães’ family. His mother and sister recognized him from the photos; and on December 17, his sister Maria Coelho traveled to the city of Goiania to meet him at the salon.

Guimarães was so happy to have contact with his family again; however, he didn’t want to change his lifestyle. “His sister wanted to welcome him and take him home, but he didn’t want to,” says Lobo. “He said that on the streets, he feels free.” Nevertheless, the makeover helped give Guimarães much-needed hope and confidence. “In this time of the pandemic, many people lost loved ones and others were left with financial difficulties,” says Lobo. “A little help is always welcome in such a difficult time.”[…]

Source: Homeless Man Reunites w/ Family After They See Viral Makeover Photo

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