The Untold Truth Of Banksy

Banksy’s works and very existence continue to entice, entertain, provoke, and baffle audiences all over the world. But who is he? And where did he come from? Here’s a look at the untold truth of Banksy.

Even global art icons have to start somewhere, and Banksy’s “somewhere” was Bristol, U.K. He started painting walls as part of a gang called the DryBreadZ Crew, and at first, he was a fairly conventional freehand artist. According to Smithsonian Magazine, Banksy was known to run in Bristol’s downmarket, working-class Barton Hill district, though he actually hailed from a wealthier part of town himself. He has said that he found the area fairly intimidating, especially because his father once got beaten up there.

Banksy’s street artist name was a process of trial and error. He originally experimented with monikers such as Robin Banks, a play on “robbing banks.” However, he ultimately settled on the decidedly less gangster-like Banksy, because he felt it packed more of a punch and was also vastly easier to spray on the wall. This focus on quickness would also eventually be crucial in the development of his signature art style.

Watch this video for more on the untold truth of Banksy!

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Humble beginnings | 0:00
Stencils | 1:06
London calling | 1:55
Insert art here | 2:58
Exit Through the Gift Shop | 3:50
Political antics | 5:03
Dismaland | 6:12
The Banksy effect | 7:07
Backlash | 8:10
The shredder incident | 9:20
Who is he? | 10:16

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