The Green New Deal(s) | US and European Union

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00:00 Intro
00:20 1.5 degrees
01:46 What are the Green Deals?
02:53 US Green New Deal, explained
03:56 How to save the US GND
05:06 European Green Deal, explained
06:52 How to save the European Deal
07:52 End

The world has a very small carbon budget left not to surpass a global 1.5°C temperature rise. For a 66% chance to curb climate warming, we need to completely decarbonize our economies in about a decade.

The Green New Deal in the US and the European Green Deal lay out a plan for this. But whether our politicians seriously try to tackle the climate crisis depends on the next few months alone.

Both proposals are based on the principle of intersectionality. The climate crisis is a social crisis, which means that the factors that are destroying our planet are the same that are harming people.

Below are some of the resources that guided our research for this video. We have also added a few more links in case you want more information about the Green New Deal and the European Green Deal.


How to call your CONGRESS REPRESENTATIVES and’s policy demands:…

After the US elections of 2020:

Subscription Ask, Inline After Ad……

Other links relevant to US climate policy:………


Climate Emergency Europe! FridaysForFuture letter to EU-Leaders

Produced by Fátima González-Torres (IG: @fatilugonzalevic)
Editing & post-production by Pako Quijada (IG: @pakoquijada)
Motion graphics & animation by Forat Elalfy (IG: @foratau) and Pako Quijada
Writing by Fátima González-Torres
Cinematography by Pako Quijada and agency footage
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