original udu making in Nigeria – Eugene Skeef’s udu project

This short film by Eugene Skeef shows 4 Igbo women from Nigeria demonstrating the technique of making the udu, a clay pot drum. The udu was invented by the Igbo and it is traditionally a women’s ceremonial instrument. The word udu means clay pot in the Igbo language and this gentle instrument induces a sense of peace when played.

Eugene initiated the udu project through his charity Umoya Creations a few years ago. The project is ongoing and takes as its inspiration the desire to support initiatives in different parts of the world where indigenous peoples begin to take control of their intellectual and cultural property rights.

For more information contact Eugene Skeef at eugeneskeef@googlemail.com

Film soundtrack by Eugene’s Umoya Ensemble, featuring his daughter Mpho Skeef on vocals.

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Director of Manchester School of Samba at http://www.sambaman.org.uk
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1 Response to original udu making in Nigeria – Eugene Skeef’s udu project

  1. The result is so elegant, and they do it without any mechanical or electrical devices, amazing!

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