Wearable Sculptures Blend Humans into Surrounding Landscapes in Photographs by Nordic Artists

Norwegian-Finnish artist duo Karoline Hjorth and Riitta Ikonen bring a folklore-inspired vision to the relationship between humans and nature. The majority of their subjects are elders who often have a deeper connection to the lands they inhabit, work on, or cultivate.

In 2011, the pair started an imaginative series called Eyes as Big as Plates as a contemporary exploration of characters from Nordic folklore. Their photographic odyssey across 15 countries and creation of more than 100 portraits evolved into a general exploration of modern humans’ relationships to nature. The title of the series not only comes from a folktale but also represents the curiosity that guides the way Hjorth and Ikonen interact with the world.[…]

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2 Responses to Wearable Sculptures Blend Humans into Surrounding Landscapes in Photographs by Nordic Artists

  1. This is so beautiful!

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  2. Reblogged this on Stella, oh, Stella and commented:
    Ich wollte euch heute diesen Beitrag von Msamba (The Manchester School of Samba) zeigen. Auf der Seite findet ihr unter vielem anderem Kunst aller Art und viel Musik.
    Diese Kunst erinnerte mich an eine Fotoserie aus Finnland, die ich einmal irgendwo gesehen habe. Auf den Bildern waren ältere Menschen abgebildet, die sich einen grossen Kopfputz aus Naturmaterialien gebastelt hatten und auf die Weise mit der Natur verschmelzten. Leider wurde nicht erklärt, was der Zweck dieser Kopfbedeckungen war, aber vielleicht habe ich es ja schon genannt … 😉

    Today I would like to show you this post by Msamba (The Manchester school of Samba). On that site you will find, among other topics, all kinds of different art forms and a lot of music as well.
    This post reminded me of a photo series that I have seen somewhere. On those photos were elderly Finns depicted with huge headdresses made of natural material, with which they melted into nature. Unfortunately, it was not explained what the purpose of these headdresses were, but maybe I have already mentioned it … 😉


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