10+ Book Nook Inserts That Will Bring Magic to Your Bookshelves

Great books have the power to transport us to different worlds, so why should their bookshelves be any different? A recent decor trend called “book nooks” is changing that. They are crafty creations that live among the novels on your shelf. Measuring roughly the height and width of one or two books, they are reminiscent of dollhouses or slender dioramas. And when sandwiched between two books, it looks as though your shelf is a passageway to places real and imagined.

It’s incredible to see the handiwork that goes into creating a single book nook. Many makers meticulously craft elements like lamp posts, signage, and even fire escapes that boast a life-like look and feel—in a photo, it’s only upon seeing them on a shelf that you realize the landscape is a book nook. These pieces also include lighting to add to the wonder that these small sculptures evoke. The fairy lights call you from across the room and invite you to get lost in these magical places.

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