Meet The Black Man With Two Biological White Parents

The strange but true story of Anthony Lennon. The man that was born to two white Irish parents, but he looks like a mixed race man. We also discuss Sandra Laing the South African born Black woman, also born to two white patents. Is Anthony Lennon mixed race, Black, white, transracial, a throwback or just confused?

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4 Responses to Meet The Black Man With Two Biological White Parents

  1. Using the term “throw-back” I already find improper. By the way, the same can happen the other way, round, that a child of black parents turns out white, without being an albino.
    The question is, does it really matter if we can’t group Anthony? Who comes up with these strange groupings? I am all for doing away with this box thinking, assorting people by whatever criteria. This just separates us! We are all people – that’s it! No mention of race in the passports either, please! (In Denmark and Germany they don’t.)

    Sorry, this seems to have been on my mind right now …

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    • agogo22 says:

      I totally agree. Race is a construct but culture matters to people, and they often confuse the two. As far as I know we here in Britain don’t have overt ethnic classification in our passports, yet…

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      • You don’t? I was reading a discussion on another blog about the “race classifications” in their passports. I thought it was a British blog, maybe I am mistaken. Maybe it was American then. One girl was complaining because she was called African-Asian in her passport, when in reality she was Asian-African. She really lost me there … it is plain wrong to mention race in the passport. Or religion.
        You are right about culture. That is something that grows in different ways in different places.


      • agogo22 says:

        And is usually a hybrid…

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