Cities in Focus | Los Angeles Metro: Promoting Mass Transit

For Los Angeles Metro, marketing isn’t just about increasing the bottom line. It’s about reducing traffic, cleaning the air and making people’s commutes in this auto-clogged city a bit less stressful.

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2 Responses to Cities in Focus | Los Angeles Metro: Promoting Mass Transit

  1. That is very commendable! They also want to do that in Copenhagen, especially they want to get the long distance commuters over to public transport. But they don’t want to set in more cars on the trains before there are more passengers. It does not work like that. If people meet with half size trains and a 45 minutes train ride standing up, they will soon be back in their cars. Many people use the car sharing though.


    • agogo22 says:

      I think that’s to do with a history of underinvestment in rail transport of all kinds. We had trams up to the 20C here in Manchester , then they lost out to the tram, and in a process where they seem to have to continually prove the existence of the necessary demand, at peak times they are always crammed!
      Only now have they started to speak of increasing the number of cars…

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