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Many different carnivals in Brazil: 7 destinations to listen to the sound of nature —

The most famous and celebrated popular festival in Brazil, Carnival has become, over the centuries, one of the major cultural events, annually drawing thousands of revelers to different cities. The whole country transforms itself in the carnival season, with endless … Continue reading

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3 Surprising Things That Act Like Fluids

Sometimes being in a traffic jam can feel like being stuck in a clogged pipe. And it turns out, maybe that feeling isn’t too far off. Today we look at 3 things that are remarkably unlike fluids, yet still behave … Continue reading

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Jonna Jinton The very first time I tried balancing stones was back in 2010. I saw some stone sculptures in a park, when an old, wise man told me that it was a symbol for the balance of nature. I … Continue reading

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Mobile Architecture Twists and Morphs in Futuristic Cityscapes by AUJIK

In “Spatial Bodies: Hong Kong & Shenzhen,” the self-described “mysterious nature/tech cult” AUJIKimagines a Hong Kong and Shenzhen with architecture that shifts and moves seemingly on its own just like live organisms. Using AI and AR technologies, artist and AUJIK … Continue reading

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Plotting the path of light, from the burning embers of a camp fire, to the white glow of the smartphone. Illustration & Animation by Stephen Ong @ Make it Move – Music composition by Josh Alport – Light … Continue reading

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Around the World in So Many Ways

Buckle up. In this reel, we’re cruising the canals of Holland’s Little Venice, we’re riding with an all-female motorcycle club in New Orleans, and we’re boarding the Scottish airline Loganair for the shortest flight in the world.

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10 Fascinating Facts about Brazilian Carnival

Our Brazilian Life Here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Carnaval. Number 8 is my favorite. Every year Brazil’s Carnaval brings millions of people to this incredible festival full of parades, culture, excitement, public street parties and … Continue reading

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Worldwide Epidemic: A Closer Look at the Diabetes Disaster

Jose Gomez-Marquez holding an open glucometer prototype at MIT Little Devices Lab. Credit: Amy Moran-Thomas   In a new book, Amy Moran-Thomas examines how diabetes is reaching epidemic levels in countries across the world. In Belize, where diabetes is rampant, … Continue reading

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How Brazil Makes Over A Third Of The World’s Coffee

Brazil is by far the biggest coffee producer in the world. Coffee generates 8 million jobs in the country. Matas de Minas is a small region that produces coffee in an artisanal way in this all-year-round process.

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The evolution of the coffee cup lid | Small Thing Big Idea, a TED series

Author AJ Jacobs shows how the coffee cup lid was perfectly designed to give you a full sensory experience while drinking.

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