The Smartest Horse That Ever Lived – A True Story

To get the book go here –…. The story is true. I spent more than a month checking it out in Tennessee and elsewhere. The book is called Beautiful Jim Key by Miriam Rivas available on Amazon. I am not on horseback rider. But I have been given the opportunity to do several films with people who love and understand horses. Magnificent animals they are. And I have met people who have worked with the intelligence of horses and they all agree that Jim Key could very well be completely true. I love animals as many of the viewers of this video to and deeply admire the unique Bill Key for all the things he did to make Americans aware of animals and especially horses as sentient beings. The movie I describe is not yet a reality but I hope someday it will be. Investment money is what is needed and is, as most of you know, very hard to get.

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