A Photographic Survey by Jessica Wynne of Chalkboards Filled by Mathematicians

Photographer and Fashion Institute of Technology professor Jessica Wynne has spent the last year documenting the numbers, symbols, and models drawn by mathematicians onto chalkboards. The photos capture the thought processes and physical efforts of professionals in a medium that has been largely abandoned.

Wynne tells Colossal that she enjoys photographing the dusty work surfaces because of “their beauty, mystery and the pleasure of creating a permanent document of something that is ephemeral.” The “Do Not Erase” photo series, soon to be published in a book by Princeton University Press for release in 2020, includes boards from institutions and universities around the world. Wynne hopes that viewers can appreciate the aesthetic of the worked surfaces while “simultaneously appreciating that the work on the board represents something much deeper, beyond the surface.”

Wynne adds that she feels a “kinship” with the mathematicians. “Their imagination guides them and similar to an artist they have the higher aspiration to create, discover, and find truth.”[…]

Source: A Photographic Survey by Jessica Wynne of Chalkboards Filled by Mathematicians

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4 Responses to A Photographic Survey by Jessica Wynne of Chalkboards Filled by Mathematicians

  1. 10ks for sharing this! I like it so much, this sci art experiments, and I´m always eager to learn something new, interesting and unique. I had to reblog it! 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on Libertas Nova and commented:
    …Every time I find some new work from the world of Sci Art, this wonderful place for mind exploration and crazy new ideas, my heart pulse suddenly accelerates the rhythm.

    So, it has happened in this case also, when few weeks ago I found this interesting Math Art, which unlike my math functions + computer programming (that you can explore here https://libertasnova.wordpress.com/2020/01/02/how-did-you-liked-my-math-art-experiments/), is using geometrical shapes and arithmetics, to make an interesting drawing Sci Art project.

    The name of that project is “Do Not Erase”, and is made by Jessica Wynne, a fine art photographer from New York City, the modern centre of the new Sci Art movement. This guest blog post reveals much about her and her interesting project.


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