Literacy in a digital world

The digital revolution is changing our world faster than ever and unleashing new opportunities. Basic services are being transformed into e-services and learning is increasingly happening online. But without literacy, the opportunities of the digital world turn into obstacles: 750 million youth and adults still can’t read and write. As long as the literacy gap remains, the digital divide risks to grow and marginalise them further.
The video was produced for International Literacy Day 2017 with focus on Literacy in a digital world to call for action to close the literacy gap as part of UNESCO’s advocacy work. International Literacy Day 2017 focuses on the challenges, opportunities and the need to rethink the evolving literacy skills demands in the increasingly digitised societies.
International Literacy Day (ILD) is a major annual event for literacy advocacy and always held on the 8 September since 1946. Other than UNESCO’s global event, celebrations and call for actions are organized and held around the world by Field Offices, Institutes, NGOs, teachers, learners and partners.
Find more information on International Literacy Day 2017 at….
The video was produced by Rooftop in close collaboration with UNESCO. #LiteracyDay

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