33 Women Photographed Before And After Becoming A Mom

Becoming a parent is arguably the biggest responsibility one can bestow upon themselves. The least we can do in return is thank the folks that brought us up. Enter Lithuanian photographer Vaida Razmislavičė. To express her gratitude for everything they’ve done, Vaida has dedicated an entire series just for moms.

Becoming A Mother” is a project that aims to show how giving birth changes a woman. Vaida photographed 33 women, before and after they delivered their firstborn, and really focused on their eyes. “For this project, I chose a very simple format, as if I was taking passport photos. I wanted to highlight my models’ gaze, taking away everything that would interfere with it (i.e. the belly).”

“Motherhood is a deep experience, filled with joy, pain, exhaustion, and love,” she said. “When  a woman becomes a mom, she really feels her inner energy; her intuition becomes stronger, and her wisdom reaches new heights.”

Vaida has gone through these changes herself. “Before my firstborn, my idea of motherhood was very different,” she told Bored Panda. “To be honest, I didn’t feel the motherhood instinct when I first took him into my arms. I’ve learned everything along the way, including ignoring old know-it-all’s and growing the courage to trust my own decisions.” […]

Source: 33 Women Photographed Before And After Becoming A Mom

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