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Balanced Gourds and Stacked Loaves Compose Bountiful Still Lifes by ChangKi Chung

ChangKi Chung composes cairn-like portraits of flowers, fruits, and vegetables that balance the unique shapes and vibrant colors of each natural object. In some images the edible elements are shot whole, while in others artistic slices are created to highlight … Continue reading

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Negative Space | Oscar Nominated Stop-Motion Animation | Short of the Week

Negative Space is an Oscar-nominated short film animation that depicts a father-and-son relationship through the art of packing a suitcase. SUBMIT A FILM: FULL REVIEW:… Negative Space A Film by Tiny Inventions (Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter)

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LEXGO on Instagram: “He sat by himself, patiently weaving his vision into reality.⁣ ”

247 Likes, 6 Comments – LEXGO (@lexgophotography) on Instagram: “He sat by himself, patiently weaving his vision into reality.⁣ ⁣ . . .⁣ ⁣ For more than one-and-a-…” Source: LEXGO on Instagram: “He sat by himself, patiently weaving his vision … Continue reading

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Neighboring Communities Playfully Connect Atop Neon Pink Teetertotters Slotted Through the U.S.-Mexico Border Wall

Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello have long worked in activating structures in projects that blur the line between art and architecture. The Oakland-based duo, who self-describe as pursuing “applied architectural research”, also have a longstanding interest in the United States-Mexico … Continue reading

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Einstein was right about relativity, UCLA says — for now –

More than 100 years after Albert Einstein published his iconic general theory of relativity, it is beginning to fray at the edges, said Andrea Ghez, UCLA professor of physics and astronomy. Now, in the most comprehensive test of general relativity … Continue reading

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Melancholy Creatures Explore Imagined Worlds in Wistful Murals by Hayley Welsh

Hayley Welsh’s playful murals pair imaginative creatures with universal messages of uplift and encouragement. Often featuring furry, plump critters that seem to be hybrids of dogs, rabbits, and teddy bears, Welsh’s subjects peer through periscopes atop mechanical fish or aboard paper … Continue reading

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Sake Cups That Reflect the Night Sky by Hiromi Sato – Faith is Torment

These beautiful stainless steel sake cups designed by Niigata-based Hiromi Sato are glazed with lacquer and dusted with gold powder so when clear alcohol is poured, the inside looks like the night sky glimmering with stars. The cups are called … Continue reading

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A healthy economy should be designed to thrive, not grow

What would a sustainable, universally beneficial economy look like? “Like a doughnut,” says Oxford economist Kate Raworth. In a stellar, eye-opening talk, she explains how we can move countries out of the hole — where people are falling short on … Continue reading

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BBC World Service – CrowdScience, Why do we pull faces when we concentrate?

We tackle the science of scowling, gesturing, and counting Source: BBC World Service – CrowdScience, Why do we pull faces when we concentrate?

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Link between music and speech rhythm in brain could provide language insight

July 29, 2019 by Sandrine Ceurstemont Neuroscientist Dr Domenica Bueti often plays an altered version of the classic aria La donna è mobile when she gives talks about the importance of time perception. Her friend’s piano rendition of Giuseppe Verdi’s composition uses … Continue reading

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