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Step Inside the Lavish Architecture of Gaudí’s Casa Vicens – Colossal Submissions

Architectural photographer David Cardelús recently completed an assignment for the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Casa Vicens. In the grand tradition of ornate “cottages” commissioned by society’s upper class, the 1880’s home was designed and built by Antoni Gaudí for … Continue reading

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Translating proteins into music, and back –

Want to create a brand new type of protein that might have useful properties? No problem. Just hum a few bars. In a surprising marriage of science and art, researchers at MIT have developed a system for converting the molecular … Continue reading

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Not all childhood memories are nice. Some of them reach out to the present, no matter how much time has passed.

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An Enchanting Macro Time-Lapse of Blooms and Insects in 8K Resolution by Thomas Blanchard

In -N- Uprising, a video that is equal parts stylized and naturalistic, Thomas Blanchard (previously) documents the life cycles of insects and flowers. Time-lapse allows the viewer to see a caterpillar metamorphose into a chrysalis and then a butterfly, orchid … Continue reading

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Portals Composed of Vivid Multi-Layered Colors Visually Represent Complex Scientific Concepts by Jen Stark

Los Angeles-based artist Jen Stark (previously) uses materials such as paper, wood, and metal to create optically-charged sculptures based on complex scientific and mathematic concepts. Layered colors with both smooth and warped edges create tunnels into the unknown, forming visual … Continue reading

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Manchester Day Parade 2019 – Another Take

Manchester School of Samba on parade at Manchester Day 2019 [briefly from 18:32]!

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Gregg Segal’s “Daily Bread” Examines Kids’ Eating Habits

Interview with photographer Gregg Segal about his “Daily Bread” project which examines the diet of kids around the world and the globalization of nutrition. Why the decision to focus on children and what do you think their eating habits say … Continue reading

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Macro Views of British Beaches Become Abstract Textural Embroideries by Emily Botelho

Although she doesn’t live right by the ocean, artist Emily Botelho channels her passion for marine landscapes with frequent trips to explore where soil and sea meet. On these trips, she photographs the colors and textures that appear on the … Continue reading

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Life ≠ alive – Aeon

On a sofa in the corner of the room, a cat is purring. It seems obvious that the cat is an example of life, whereas the sofa itself is not. But should we trust our intuition? Consider this: Isaac Newton … Continue reading

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