Thousands demonstrate in Europe ahead of European Parliamentary elections

With just a week to go before the European parliamentary elections take place, tens of thousands of people, opposed to nationalist agenda’s, took to the streets in cities right across Europe.… READ MORE :…

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1 Response to Thousands demonstrate in Europe ahead of European Parliamentary elections

  1. ebolainfo says:

    What I find deceitful about the mainstream media lableing concerns about migration as right-wing, is they do not link it to a significant root cause – massive migratiosn into Europe via Libya.

    Who destroyed Libya and cfreated the criminal envoronment for people smugglers? Oh, that would by US/NATO.

    Furthermore, if the nationalists or “right-wing” parties are the only once forcefully rejecting the superstate that is the EU, people will vote for them.

    Here is a walkthrough of anti-EU voter:

    MINDSET: “I hate the EU! It has been deceitful and is being deceitful about it end-goal – a consolidated/integrated Euope. A United States of Europe. One legal, political, financial/monetary, trading and MILITARY block!”

    VOTING INTENTION: The Liberal Democrats, Greens, Labour want to remain. UKIP and Brexit Party want to LEAVE the EU. I will vote UKIP or BREXIT party.

    MEDIA COMMENT: All UKIP/BREXIT PARTY voters are right-wingers.

    Sadly, like vaccines and the medical cartel. the deceit and collusion for corporate interests regarding the “one europe” project is breathaking in its corrupt scope.


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