Protecting Endangered Vegetables

You’ve heard talk about protecting endangered animals, but what about endangered vegetables? It’s a crisis that’s come about with the worldwide rise of industrial farming—many indigenous veggies simply aren’t being grown in great quantities anymore. Dr. Prabhakar Rao, who has a PhD in plant breeding and genetics, is saving as many varieties as he can, collecting and planting the seeds of veggies that are on the brink of extinction. Visit his beautifully biodiverse farm in India with us.


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4 Responses to Protecting Endangered Vegetables

  1. This is a very important matter. There are private people and companies that are trying to preserve the old species. In Denmark we have a farmer, who has preserved old fruit tree species, which one can buy from him, and there is a German post order company that has old species of fruit bushes and trees, vegetables and also flowers in their garden catalogue. Unfortunately they don’t send plants abroad … I am certain that some people in the UK are doing this as well.


  2. I asked my friend in Lincoln, who is very knowledgeable in garden matters, if heritage varieties stand for historical varieties. Here her answer:
    Yes, that’s the sort of thing: a variety that’s been around for a long time and was, perhaps, recorded in old gardening books or the archives of historic properties. Some may have even been lost over time, then turn up by chance in an old established garden, are propagated and added to national seed banks, etc.


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