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Wildlife overpasses that protect animals from cars are spreading globally

Highway over- and underpasses connect wildlife to the resources they need to survive, and reduce roadkill. It’s no surprise they are becoming more common worldwide. Source: Wildlife overpasses that protect animals from cars are spreading globally

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Dancing on the brain – Psychology research at Bangor University

Dance and psychology come together at Bangor University. In an exciting boundary crossing piece of research, Dr. Emily Cross, a psychologist at Bangor University, will be working with internationally renowned contemporary dancer Riley Watts to study what happens in our … Continue reading

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This Is Your Brain on Music

Have you ever heard a piece of music that triggered a powerful emotional response? Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin explains the connection between music and the brain in a talk that finally explains the songs on your break up playlist.

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Ancient and Antique Books, Chetham Library, Manchester, England

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A Day in Lisbon’s Ghetto — Being Jessica

Jessica heads to the Quinta do Mocho neighborhood of Lisbon, Portugal for a street art tour with Kally Meru. As the day ends, she’s invited to an Angolan dinner and meets new friends. via A Day in Lisbon’s Ghetto — Being … Continue reading

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Biodegradable bags can hold a full load of shopping after 3 years in the environment –

Biodegradable and compostable plastic bags are still capable of carrying full loads of shopping after being exposed in the natural environment for three years, a new study shows. Researchers from the University of Plymouth examined the degradation of five plastic bag … Continue reading

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Rolling blog: Mancunian meandering… — Paul Bigland

As I’m going to be away on a press trip to Vienna for a few days, Dawn’s suggested that we have a day out together, so we’ve decided to catch a train to the big city by venturing Westwards for … Continue reading

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The Geography of Livestock

Atlas Pro Published on 16 Apr 2019 Here’s where the animals we eat come from.

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How To Trick Your Brain Into Falling Asleep | Jim Donovan | TEDxYoungstown

Jim Donovan M.Ed. is a professional musician, Assistant Professor at Saint Francis University and TEDx speaker. His mission is to share the healing power of music through education and performance. He specializes in placing music and wellness programs in organizations … Continue reading

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Brazilian Model Dies After Collapsing on the Runway at São Paulo Fashion Week — Footwear News

Tales Cotta was 26. via Brazilian Model Dies After Collapsing on the Runway at São Paulo Fashion Week — Footwear News

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