Liam Hopkins. Love and soul in the making.

Liam Hopkins has the best (and simplest) job description in the world. ‘Maker.’

It all started when he was a kid in a home where televisions, radios or kettles were never chucked out, they were disassembled and examined. “I was just curious about how things were made, what materials were used, how those materials were joined together.”

At 13 this led to him paying £200 for a Lambretta. ‘A rusty old piece of…,’ well, you know what I mean, because that’s what his mates called it. Over two years Liam disassembled the Lambretta and restored it to pristine condition, before at 15 buying a Mini for £50 (another rusty old piece of…), which was restored to pristine condition by the time he passed his driving test at 17. The die was cast very early on.

Although with initial ideas of becoming an architect, seven years’ training didn’t appeal to an impatient mind and so, in 2000, Liam enrolled on a 3D design course at Tameside Technical College, followed by a 3D course at MMU, which allowed him to experiment in a free way with materials – glass, metal, wood and ceramics.[…]

Source: Liam Hopkins. Love and soul in the making.

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