Math artist John Sims is living a life of pi – Quartzy

Every day is Pi Day for this artist, who brings math to life in art, videos, music, crafts, and writing.

Pi is  3.14159, plus some, ad infinitum, a number sequence that doesn’t repeat and whose end cannot be reached. On the 14th day of the third month of each year, 3/14 in the US, we celebrate Pi Day because this mathematical constant—used to calculate the area and circumference of a circle—is unique. It’s irrational and transcendent, practical and abstract.

Although pi is used in calculations for building and construction, quantum physics, communications, music theory, medical procedures, air travel, and space flight, it serves philosophical purposes too. Pi represents the constancy of mystery, the impossibility of ever knowing it all, a wealth of potential. It hints at how the universe itself works, spinning out similar sequences that never repeat and never finish.[…]


Source: Math artist John Sims is living a life of pi


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