Amazing Winners of International Landscape Photographer Contest

For the fifth year, the International Landscape Photographer of the Year contest brings amateur and professional photographers together to celebrate the majesty of nature. Over 800 landscape photographers from around the world submitted their best shots for a chance to win, among other prizes, $10,000 cash. In the end, two photographers came away with top awards and many more were celebrated for their abilities to capture the world’s diverse landscapes.

Canadian photographer Adam Gibbs was named International Landscape Photographer of the Year for his portfolio of images. Gibbs’ high skill level and top-notch artistry are evident throughout his imagery, whether he’s capturing rays of light filtering through a forest or the warm glow of the sun beaming off melting snow. Gibbs is inspired by the Canadian environment, particularly in British Columbia, and aims to capture the perfect shot in-frame, without a lot of post-production.

“I don’t have strong views on image manipulation, other than I find more joy in capturing great light and composition on site, rather than creating something that didn’t exist when I took the photo,” shares Gibbs. “My love of nature and the outdoors is much stronger than my desire to make images, so for me, pictures taken at the moment have far more integrity and personal meaning than those made later in a computer.”

The other top prize went to Paul Marcellini for Autumnal Abstract, which was named the International Landscape Photograph of the Year. The American photographer’s abstract take on the environment left a lasting impression with the expert panel of judges and shows the stylistic variety of the entries. Along with Gibbs and Marcellini, several other photographers were singled out for their best single images in specific categories.[…]

Source: Amazing Winners of International Landscape Photographer Contest

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