Sci-Fi Short Film “Stevie’s Aliens” presented by DUST

“Stevie’s Aliens” by Austin S. Harris

A skeptical high school student is thrown into a night of adventure after he sees a UFO.

Greg, a high school student and aspiring writer, finds out that he has been rejected from his top choice writing school. His confident and science-oriented girlfriend, Julia, encourages him to get his mind off of the bad news by accompanying her to a concert that night and Greg, now a dejected mess, agrees. Greg goes home and begins to look through a box of his stories, going back to his childhood, that he keeps under his bed. Just as he’s beginning to enjoy reminiscing he gives himself a paper cut, which prompts him to throw the entire box of stories away. On his way to the concert, Greg has an unexplainable encounter with a bright light that seems to be a UFO. He meets Stevie, another high school student who seems to know more about the light, and the two discover that Greg’s paper cut has vanished. Stevie brings Greg back to his house, and perform a deep-thinking ritual that Stevie has pioneered to summon the light. Meanwhile, Julia, who has gone to Greg’s house to look for him, returns home and begins reading a book about UFOs in response to a strange text Greg sends her about his encounter. She leaves a voicemail for Greg saying that she doesn’t believe in UFOs. Greg and Stevie successfully summon the light, which makes the electronics in Stevie’s room go haywire, but because Julia was reading the book, her electronics are affected too. Seeing the connection between Greg’s text and what happened in her room, she goes to Greg’s house to investigate, where she sees Greg walking with Stevie, guided by a device Stevie is holding. She watches from behind a tree as Greg, now with a renewed sense of optimism, takes his stories out of the trash. She follows the two of them to a large hill, and confronts Greg. Greg convinces her to take a chance on something science can’t prove, and she accepts. For more about the film/filmmaker:

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