Rediscovering Ancient Greek Music (2017)

First choral performance with reconstructed aulos of reconstructed ancient scores of Athenaeus Paean (127 BC) and Euripides Orestes chorus (408 BC), with the evidence presented and explained by Professor Armand D’Angour, Jesus College Oxford.
Some of the research background explained here:…

Credit to Prof Stefan Hagel (Vienna) for:
the reconstruction of the kithara, together with Scott Wallace
– the music played in the credits
– the reconstructed instrument played in the credits
– the Homeric melody and its performance
– the arrangement of the Paean performance where Callum Armstrong and he are playing

Credit to Armand D’Angour for:
– the reconstructed music of the Orestes Chorus
– the reconstructed version of the Athenaeus Paean

Credit to Robin Howell (Canada) for:
– the reconstruction of the Pydna and the Louvre auloi

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2 Responses to Rediscovering Ancient Greek Music (2017)

  1. This is very interesting. When I was young I learned that the so called Greek choirs were speaking the text together, which did not make much sense to me at the time. It makes much more sense to me that they were singing.

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