Emmeline Pankhurst statue unveiled in Manchester

Guardian News
Published on 14 Dec 2018

A statue of Emmeline Pankhurst has been unveiled in her her home city of Manchester. Created by the award-winning sculptor Hazel Reeves, it shows Pankhurst standing on a chair imploring her audience to support women’s suffrage. It is only the second statue of a woman in Manchester, the first being of Queen Victoria in Piccadilly Gardens.

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1 Response to Emmeline Pankhurst statue unveiled in Manchester

  1. She deserves it! She might have gone too far when they started with arson, but some degree of militancy is sometimes required to get the necessary attention, to make people see that you really mean it. I understand the anger of these women. The worst is not to be taken seriously, to be treated in a condescending manner, and that at times by totally brain damaged idiots.

    This attitude of men towards women has still not disappeared. I let for example my husband talk to craftsmen, whenever we need something, because here in Denmark you can experience that they are condescending and sometimes openly rude to a woman. They would never treat a man like that. And this is just one example, it is the same in stores sometimes and public offices. There are some things that men cannot do to women anymore unpunished, because the law provides for that, but in large groups of the population the attitude towards women is still same old, same old. I don’t think it is so much different in other countries.

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