Railroad (street) art. Gare du Nord



In 2015, the Northern station (Gare du Nord) of Paris commissioned 16 artists to decorate platform 36. We usually take platform 35 to visit old friends outside Paris. Generally arriving at the very last minute to catch the – almost -departing train. So I grab a painting or two from a distance and run. On this particular occasion we had enough time until the next train to take each piece with a decent angle and photograph the names of the artists. See the yellow panel above on the right. Artist: Supakitch.


Artist: Dourone


“La vie en bleu?”. By WCA?

IMG_2130-Jana & JS“Sortie, Rue de Dunkerque”. Jana & JS.

IMG_2132-Jerome Mesnager

“Les temps modernes.” By Jerome Mesnager. ‘Have seen a few of his art in other places in Paris. Quite distinctive.


By Fafi. (“We all deserve a first great love story”, Love, Simon)


By Solylaisse. In French, le…

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