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A Fine Dining Experience, From the Forest Floor

Culinary Artist, James Gop, has dedicated his life to embracing local foods, open fires and the vast beauty of the Berkshire Mountains. Mother Nature, to Gop, is a giant grocery store full of endless possibility. To celebrate the chef’s refreshing … Continue reading

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Some Thing

Oil, gold and fire are the treasures inside the proud giant mountains. For the little mountain it’s impossible to keep up with that. He’s just in possession of this tiny, strange and useless SOME THING.

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Haunting, 9,000-Year-Old Stone Mask Discovered in a Field in the West Bank

With oval-shaped holes for eyes and a small ridge for a nose, the mask resembles something a 1970s hockey goalie (or Jason in “Friday the 13th”) might have worn. But this mask was carved out of stone 9,000 years ago, … Continue reading

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Dreamlike Balloon Compositions by Charles Pétillon Form Hovering Clouds and Lines in Space

Charles Pétillon (previously here and here) arranges groups of balloons in unlikely places—tying bundles of the light white objects to the top of aircraft loading stairs, or positioning them between concrete blocks at the ocean’s edge. Recently the photographer has been focusing … Continue reading

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An Appliqued Solar System Quilt Used as a Teaching Aid in the Late 19th century

1876 Ellen Harding Baker’s “Solar System” Quilt, via The Smithsonian National Museum of American History   In the late 1800’s, teacher and astronomer Sarah Ellen Harding Baker spent seven years embroidering a star-covered quilt for her classroom in Cedar County, … Continue reading

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How to make 2,000-year-old-bread

In AD 79, a baker put his loaf of bread into the oven. Nearly 2,000 years later it was found during excavations in Herculaneum. The British Museum asked Giorgio Locatelli to recreate the recipe as part of his culinary investigations … Continue reading

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The Kimono World’s Dirty Little Secret

On a small island, off the coast of Okinawa in Japan, the world’s most precious kimonos are crafted using a very unusual element: mud. The meticulous technique, which has been practiced for thousands of years, uses mud and dried tree … Continue reading

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Amazing Art -Toothpick Sculpture – COOLEST THING I’VE EVER MADE: EP4

“Rolling through the Bay”, Scott Weaver’s toothpick sculpture took 37 years to make. His 9 foot tall sculpture of San Francisco and is made of 100,000 toothpicks and glue. If that wasn’t enough, Scott built 5 different “tours” where he … Continue reading

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Bateria Mangueira – Batidas de tarol/caixa explicada por mestre Wesley

O mestre de bateria da Mangueira, Wesley, mostra as levadas de tarol da Escola.

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Rusted Gears and Tools Combine to Create Figural Sculptures That Address Human Emotions

Sculptor Penny Hardy combines discarded metal items to create three-dimensional figures based on her body’s own dimensions. Although physique has the same core reference, each sculpture is a unique creation based on the varied assortment of rusted gears, bolts, and screws used … Continue reading

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