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Delicate Flowers and Interlocking Tessellations Carved into Fruits and Vegetables by Takehiro Kishimoto

Japanese chef and skilled food carver Takehiro Kishimoto (previously) explores the traditional art of produce design on his captivating Instagram account. Here he posts cucumbers, radishes, and avocados that have been transformed into detailed patterns and skillfully rendered motifs, in … Continue reading

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Game Over by PES (HD)

PESfilm Published on 20 Jul 2016 PES recreates 5 classic arcade death sequences in this newly remastered HD version of his stop-motion short “Game Over”. This version is 12X the resolution of the original upload. Credits: Written, Directed, and Animated … Continue reading

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The Deep: Animation by PES – Faith is Torment

The Deep: Animation by PES A stop-motion animation of the deep ocean featuring ordinary household items such as tools, chains, and keys.  

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A cure for Alzheimer’s? Yes, a cure for Alzheimer’s! – Science Blog

This is the most important column I’ve ever written.  The message is quite complex–dozens of new health parameters to test for and to optimize, all of them interacting in ways that will require new training for MDs.  The message is also … Continue reading

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Brighton and Hove Black History: Discovering Diverse Sussex with Bert Williams- Museum Crush

A nurse from Brighton General Hospital, 1960s. Courtesy Brighton & Hove Black History Ahead of DIVERSE SUSSEX a programme of events in Eastbourne during November 2018 honouring the hidden diversity of people in Sussex, we talk to people’s historian Bert … Continue reading

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What Happens To Fish During A Hurricane

Hurricanes can be just as deadly for marine life, sometimes stranding them on land or far out at sea. But sometimes marine life benefits or even thrives after these extreme weather events.

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CGI Animated Short Film: “Uncle Griot” by Stina & the Wolf | CGMeetup

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