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The Legacy of Black Power in Moss Side: Coca Clarke tells her story

Originally posted on noctula press:
Coca Clarke is an 85-year-old Black Power activist and she is still an active member of the vibrant Moss Side community, a community that – despite its many laudable efforts – struggles to shred off…

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The Banksy ‘Greatest Hits: 2002-2008’ Retrospective Exhibition by Lazinc Gallery

Originally posted on London Calling Blog:
In the Street Art world and popular culture as a whole Banksy is someone who needs no introduction, an artist, whose identity remains unknown, and whose works and status many adore and many loathe,…

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New Sprawling Ink Drawings by Olivia Kemp Explore the Landscapes of Malta and Bavaria

British artist Olivia Kemp (previously) creates sprawling, large-scale ink drawings of real world landscapes that are built from photography, observational sketches, and her own memories of the visited destinations. Her two most recent works took a combined nine months to complete, and … Continue reading

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Cut Paper Zoetrope Reveals the Life Cycle of a Butterfly as it Rotates

Dutch artist Veerle Coppoolse  examines the life cycle of a butterfly in a handcrafted zoetrope built from finely cut paper. The analogue animation brings the metamorphosis of the extraordinary insect to life, presenting its transformation from cocoon-wrapped caterpillar to a … Continue reading

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Las Fallas: have a genuine taste of the Valencian tradition!

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Carnival disruption

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Originally posted on Un Papa in London:
Notting Hill Carnival just came and went, and we adjusted as we had to – by removing ourselves from the equation, vacating the premises and seeking refuge elsewhere. While carnival is no doubt…

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Five Musical Stories That Strike a Special Chord

Great Big Story Published on 18 Aug 2018 Meet musicians playing the very small, the great big, the electromagnetic and the trash of others.

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The spotlight of attention is more like a strobe, say researchers –

You don’t focus as well as you think you do. That’s the fundamental finding of a team of researchers from Princeton University and the University of California-Berkeley who studied monkeys and humans and discovered that attention pulses in and out … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Magnificent Libraries

Great Big Story “Published on 25 Sep 2017 In this reel, we circumnavigate the globe in search of some of the most unusual and awe-inspiring libraries collecting more than just books. We begin in Alaska at a particularly *macabre* library … Continue reading

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What really happened to the Library of Alexandria? – Elizabeth Cox

2,300 years ago, the rulers of Alexandria set out to fulfill a very audacious goal: to collect all the knowledge in the world under one roof. In its prime, the Library of Alexandria housed an unprecedented number of scrolls and … Continue reading

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