Notable Differences: BBQ or Churrasco (Part 1)

Benjamin's Burden

There are notable differences between America and Brazil.  In this series of posts I will attempt to highlight some differences which I have observed between America and Brazil.  The differences which I will share will have parts that are seemingly inconsequential and other parts which are very serious.  The first notable difference which I want to highlight is that of BBQ and to do this I want to highlight 4 differences.  The first is simply in the name.  Americans refer to it as BBQ while Brazilians refer to it as Churrasco.  This difference is very minor in the world of BBQ but without using the correct word you will not be able to enjoy a good BBQ.

welcome-home-dinner BBQ Pork Ribs with BBQ Sauce

The second big difference between BBQ and Churrasco has to do with the way that things are generally cooked.  In the United States BBQ is normally done…

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