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Five of the World’s Most Fascinating Small Towns

In this reel, we’re traveling to unfamiliar places. We visit the most crowded island on earth, see how the Aussies live underground and visit a zero-waste town in Japan.

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Amsterdam Timelapse

Timelapse showing quick painting in front of the Art3035 Gallery in Amsterdam. Video by Federico Lodadio

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Laika Analyzed (Part 1)

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With innovative stop motion techniques, original stories, fascinating characters, and gorgeous handcrafted sets, Laika Entertainment is at the top of the animation heap. Laika is an animation company in Oregon that specializes in stop motion…

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Dirty Projectors – Up in Hudson

Through four very different couples, the arc of a relationship is portrayed in its stages of growth, death, and rebirth. DIRECTED BY DAREN RABINOVITCH ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR – ISAIAH SAXON CHOREOGRAPHER – KIANI DEL VALLE Made at Encyclopedia Pictura in Los … Continue reading

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Music and the inner self | James Rhodes | TEDxMadrid

In times of superficiality and exteriority we need to learn to look into ourselves, and truly listening to music is a great way of doing this. Music is a trustable friend that can save you even in your darkest moments. … Continue reading

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Reforming the buffet

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Everywhere I turned, I’d spot what appeared to be a buffet. They were pseudo-buffets. In Brazil’s small towns and big cities, at hostel breakfast bars and on Amazonian ferries, all had a slight twist which…

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Celebrate Mancunian culture at FREE Festival of Manchester this weekend

A A FREE family festival celebrating Mancunian culture is coming to Manchester this weekend. The Festival of Manchester is happening for the first time and aims to celebrate all the different communities that help make our city such a vibrant … Continue reading

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How Did Opium Poppies Get Their Painkilling Properties?

Humans have been turning to the poppy plant to get high or relieve pain for thousands of years. And despite all our other staggering pharmaceutical progress, our reliance on the plant hasn’t changed much; poppies are used to make two of … Continue reading

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These Sneaky Sea Slugs Paralyze Their Predators With Stolen “Weapons”

Nudibranchs, or sea slugs, and are group of wildly colored animals that use their striking forms to warn predators against attack. Although the sea slugs move slow, they are protected by a brilliant defense mechanism. Some species create an alarming defense … Continue reading

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